From NPR News: Texas City Leads The Way On Renewable Energy http://n.pr/2mg20Fh

From NPR News: Energy Savings Can Be Fun, But No Need To Turn Off All The Lights http://n.pr/2mQap0V

From NPR News: Farmers Fight Environmental Regulations http://n.pr/2mf0JQ4

WATCH: Raindrops Catapult Bacteria Into The Air, And It’s Beautiful http://n.pr/2meE4DG

Report: Environmental Hazards Kill 1.7 Million Kids Under 5 Each Year http://n.pr/2meLoze

From NPR News: Dakota Access Pipeline Court Challenge Denied, Oil Could Flow As Soon As Next Week http://n.pr/2mfHcgX

Opinion: A lot of the above shows the interrelationships among Agriculture, Energy, Water, and Environmental Management & Conservation. CIVILIZATION!