From NPR News: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Questions Basic Facts About Climate Change

Scott Pruitt, in this working-class taxpayer’s opinion, is a pro-reckless greed and anti-science turd blossom. 

Global climate change is real, presents real dangers to our civilization. NOAA, NASA, and the DOD are monitoring all activity with the strictest of scientific rigor, as well as gaming out where this might lead, and the resource and security challenges we face as a result. 

Yes, the planet’s climate has changed before, cyclically, between warm ages and ice ages. This time, pollution — excessive CO2 and other ‘greenhouse gases’ — caused by human activity is causing an acceleration in the process. 

But, I’m sure Mr. Pruitt, and the monied interests who seem to have him in their pocket, are bunkered in and hunkered down with enough resources to comforyably survive any catastrophe, while We the [little] People out here are eating each other in the aftermath….