HeroClix 2017 Rules 5: Outwit, Use and Possess | HeroClix


Holy Freakazoid. This is mind-tinglingly amazing, IMHO. WizKids’ Game Design really recalibrated Outwit within its Core Rules streamlining. 

Then they slip this in toward the end —

“…Well, combat abilities don’t exist anymore, so this was an easy cut. Now there is only a single category of “keyphrase abilities”, and some of them are granted by symbols, and some aren’t. None of them can be chosen for Outwit, though Indomitable can still be “stopped” by choosing Willpower.”
So, “keyphrase abilities” — accessed thru symbols or Traits? — are ‘standardized’ effects. I think I got that.

I’m slightly confused about one thing: Traits. What exactly are they now? I mean, Traits have always been “special rules” tailored to a character, and most of the time represented by a 5-point Star symbol…. 

I’ll figure it out. I’m likely conflating old stuff, when I  should discard it completely.