fusillade: Word of the Day from Dictionary.com http://www.dictionary.com/wordoftheday/2017/03/06

Thinking about Wizkids’ Game Design Team articles concerning the 2017 changes to the HeroClix Core Rules. 

Thinking about this “keyphrase abilities” thing. 

Thinking about the Flurry standard power, how the wording will be.

Thinking about the “Duo” symbol, and what “keyphrase abilty” it might access.

Thinking about the word “Fusillade”, how it’s been used as the name of at least one Special Power for one of the “archer” type characters. And that power has seen slight variations under different names. Candidate for a standardized “keyphrase ability”?

Anyway, I may not be any kind of “contributor” to the game — I’m just a nobody out on the fringes of the game and the fan community — but I’m a fan, and really looking forward to the 2017 core rules, and powers and abilities card. I am a paying consumer of the game, willing supporter. Wish i could contribute more.