HeroClix 2017 Rules 6: Objects | HeroClix

HeroClix 2017 Rules 6: Objects | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/13/heroclix-2017-rules-6-objects/

WOW. Incredible changes. I approve. Too bad about the “loss” of Ultra-Light and Ultra-Heavy objects.

SIDEBAR: *a-hem* Still pining for a “subscription service” I could support, that is geared towards updating character cards, and other game elements. If WGDT decides to redefine UL and UH objects as types of ‘special objects’, it’d be nice to have a site where those game elements are updated and curated. 

Anyway, the addition of “inherent abilities” is cool. Also, the tweak to Super Strength of KNOCKBACK.