So, Valentine’s Day 2017, first date with a wonderful woman, first “non-date” date for me in over a decade. (“Non-date date” was a way of alleviating the “pressure”, but really, it was a date.)

Lead to more “non-date dates”, thankfully. One shall happen tonight. She’s a vegetarian, used to be a Vegan. Likes going every year to this “Vegan Banquet” thing. She invited me. I thought, “cool adventure” and said “Sounds good.”

I’m actually excited. As a mid-40’s male “meat and carbs” addict that gave up on working out about the time he gave up on dating, but who’s done pretty well the past few years of scaling back on carbs and getting more actually nutritious vegetables  (and even some fruit) into his diet, seemed like a good thing to do, and i was given the opportunity by a lovely lady i have affections for. Closest thing to a “no-brainer” decision I’ve ever made. 

Curious thing: both my Mom and a female friend at work, upon being told what I’m doing tonight, remind me to “Keep an open mind” amd/or “stay positive”.

??? Well, yeah. Kinda had an open mind when i agreed to it.

Just because on the surface I’m perpetually dour, grouchy, and suspicious of people in general, doesn’t mean i don’t hold hope in my heart, or have completely given up on either social interaction or ‘new’ experiences. Thank for caring, though. 

FYI: I reserved/ordered the entire left-side of the menu. My paramour ordered the right-side, except she wemt left for course 4. 

Looking forward to her, looking forward to this.