Well, “The Walking Dead” season 7 finale is tonight. Wondering if Rick “Moses” Grimes and his ragtag band of Alexandria Safe Zone survivors will actually go into battle tonight against the series’ “Imperial Roman/Fascist Taker” mash-up of “The Smiling Psycho” Negan and his Saviors gang (with an unfortunately turncoat Eugene). Rick has been sounding a bit overconfident, usually a bad sign.

Or will it be a cliffhanger? Cut to black as soon as someone raise a pistol or bat?

I mean, still don’t know what will come about with Jesus and “Mary Magdalen” Maggie, and their “Judas” Gregory at the Hilltop Colony.

Nevermind King Ezekiel at the Kingdom, what with Morgan and Carol off to hunt Saviors. I just hope Jerry survives.

Then there are the “performance artists” goofballs…..

EDIT: And, season 7 is over. Better than i thought it’d be. SPOILER ALERT 

Saw the “performance artists” (“garbage people”) betrayal coming. Didn’t see Sasha’s death coming, but she got her licks in post-mortem. So, so, so glad Michonne is still alive; got really worried for a second. Shiva got hers in! Finally! Too bad about Eugene, I used to like him. And, maybe Dwight’s a good guy? Would be someting if he and Eugene pull one over on Negan. *whew*