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“Gigantopithecus Maximus”

This week at work, we’re still busy, with plenty of projects still underway, plenty coming down the pike. But, we do seem to be in a slight “lull”. So, I took today (a Friday and a payday) as a vacation day.

Got my driver’s license renewed first thing, the bummed around for a bit, then headed to an 11:30am matinee of “KONG: Skull Island”.

I feel a bit guilty, as i didn’t let my parents or grandmother know i had the day off ahead of time, but i will be taking care of Gramma this evening, per my usual “duty schedule”. I feel a bit guilty seeing both a movie last evening and today at the theater without my girlfriend, but she’s not into sci-fi/monster movies. She prefers drammas, comedies, and “dramedies”, and to view the On Demand at her hone, on her own big flat screen. (She’s so awesome and cool. I’m digging it.) Last movie we went to the theater and saw together was that live-action meets 3D animation remake of “Beaty & the Beast” a few weeks ago. (I kiked it, she loved it. She’s a big fan of the 1990’s animated version.)

ANYWAY. “KONG: Skull Island” I liked it. Before starting this post, however, I decided to read-up in Wikipedia on some things.

King Kong:

Random thoughts:

  • Still love the 1933 original “King Kong”. Have it on DVD. Have fond memories of watching it on TV as a kid, when a local UHF TV station broadcast it every Thanksgiving Day for a few years. Still a fun movie. It was set in the 1930’s.
  • Loved the 2005 version of “King Kong” as well, but I seem to be in a minority. It was set in the 1930’s.
  • Can only vaguely remember portions of the 1976 “King Kong” remake, having seen it on TV in the 1980’s. It was set in 1975.
  • “KONG: Skull Island” is set in 1973. Appears to be a “MonsterVerse” prequel to the 2014 reboot of “Godzilla”. That’ll be a fun can o’ worms, this “MonsterVerse” franchise. RKO and Toho mash-ups? If intelligently done, I spend my money to see ’em, sure.
  • Man, I didn’t realize the original had spawned a couple of sequels, or the the 1976 version had a sequel. Makes me wonder/want to read-up on “Mighty Joe Young”, a movie I barely remember. 
  • I find this stuff satisfying.

    I get the sense, though, with the state of the world being what it is, and a very “Conservative” feeling in the air, that some of these sci-fi/fantasy/superhero/adventure/thiller genre movies are becoming the focus of some hate. Apparently, because they aren’t “realistic”, and are “escapist”. Always a sin, to some. 

    Don’t get me wrong: I love a good drama, historically-based or otherwise. “American Sniper” is still one of my favorite “real life/real person”-based movies of recent memory. “The Big Short” is brilliant, almost a dramatized documentary. Same with “Hidden Figures”, which i took the girlfriend to see on our first-ever date. Or, “Fences”, watched that with the girlfriend last Sunday; well done and moving stuff.

    But, as a daily NPR listener, and a “fan” (if that’s the appropriate word) of PBS fare like “American Experience” or “Nova”, I’d like to think I’m aware enough of the real world that I could be “allowed” to feel free enough to enjoy my “flights of fantasy” movies. I guess, these days, everything thing can become a “bone of contention”. *shrug* Ah, well.

    I liked “KONG: Skull Island”. To each his own.