Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War Gladiator | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/04/14/marvel-heroclix-avengersdefenders-war-gladiator/

COOL! I’m not a big Daredevil fan at all, but i know this villain from his ‘rogues galley’ has been on a few players’ wishlists for awhile [they must be ecstatic], and I’m always game for characters that have nevet been in the game before finally getting in.

EDIT: I have to say, though, in a couple ways, Gladiator got the dial I was hoping Porcupine would get…..

Porcupine’s battle armor actually shoots quills, some of which are tricked out with different payloads: explosives, acids, smoke grenades, even a suction/grappling hook thingy. 

EDIT (2017-04-14):

Avengers/Defenders War | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/avengersdefenders-war/