This American War on Drugs – On The Media – WNYC:

Excellent episode. The piece titled “The Man Who Declared War On Drugs” got me angry. Love Billie Holiday, and this racist a-hole destroyed her.

Not that that is the only upsetting information conveyed this episode.  


Giant Bomb Was ‘Right Weapon’ For Attack On ISIS, U.S. General Says

Will trust the military’s judgement here.

Just worried about “mission creep” in the context of the never-ending “War on Terror”, the long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (versus ISIL and the Taliban, and violent extremism in general), and balancing that against long-needed infrastructure spending here at home.

If they are using these MOAB wisely, and there are still plenty of them, and it’s not hurting “Hearts & Minds” efforts (the long-term cultural efforts that can backslide when there ends up being a lot of civilian collateral damage). 

Still skeptical of Trump. I have more trust in McMaster’s and Mattis’ judgement.