From NPR News: As Iraqi Forces Encircle Mosul, ISIS Unleashes New Level Of Brutality On Civilians

My lowly opinions:

More brutality, more death, in the name of God. I can’t imagine God being anything but disgusted/angry/disappointed at any killing done in God’s name. 

Not sure there’s an end in sight, not for the people in the Middle East. So many divisions, since the beginning of Islam. Given human nature, our root animal behavior, seems the instinct to fight for the “Alpha position” trumps any reasoned common ground problem solving or bridge-building compromise. Each major faction seems convinced its way is the only way, the One True Way, and you will live under their authority as the impose that Way, or you will die.

We are apes capable of Reason and Compassion, but prefer Justification and Violent ‘Resolutions’.

EDIT (2017-04-23): 

More Than 100 Dead In Taliban Attack On Afghan Army Base