Fan Overboard! – Studio 360 [WNYC]:http://www.wnyc.org/story/fan-overboard

Fun overall, and the “Black CosPlay” that opens it is very thought-provoking to this white guy. (I’m sure my girlfriend wouldn’t like to hear this, but I have quite a collection of pictures from the internet of female CosPlayers of a wide variety of skin colors, especially black female Captains America. I hadn’t thought those ladies might have been discriminated against, at comic book conventions or othwrwise. I guess i waw giving my fellow fans more credit than they deserve.)


Evening of 2017-04-24:

Shakespeare Unlimited | Folger Shakespeare Library: http://www.folger.edu/shakespeare-unlimited

What I’m listening to right nowon radio is not actually listed: “Shakespeare as a Black Woman”, about Shakespeare and politics in America.