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Opinion: I have not read the currently on-going storyline this version of Steve “Captain America” Rogers is from. I’ve only read about it, and as a fan of Cap and Falc since the 70’s, I’m rather rankled by it. But, have others have said, it’s a stunt-story that needs to finish running its course, doing what Marvel does: tap into current current political and pop culture, hold up its twisted mirror to it. I don’t have to like it, don’t have to like that it appears to be tapping into the xenophobic and allegedly “populist” Alt-Right [i.e. Neo-Nazi] stuff that Trump played off of and exploited to get himself into office. [Yeah, I’m being the bitter “Purple Republican”; I didn’t bote for him, but am hoping the Constitutional structures of power-sharing and checks and balances can curb his potential excesses.]

Marvel HeroClix:  Avengers/Defenders Captain [HYDRA] America:

Yes, I will still buy AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR, I will still hunt down this Cap. “Patriotic Supervillain” is quite a spin-concept, worth collecting.