Ended up pondering “self-driving” vehicles. Thought about the vehicle as property, and all that goes with it: maintenance, fuel, insurance, time and money.

Need the car to get to work to rarn the living to agford the car.

A funny-but-dark thought had me thinking about living in my car, which had me thinking about “home ownership”, and how i really don’t want a house on a plot of land with a lawn. The way the ‘market’ seems to be rigged, you have to own a house on a plot of land with a yard. Apartments are too expensive.

Too bad my pipe-dream self-driving plug-in hybrid car couldn’t also be my “tiny house” that I take to work everyday. Eventually, even such an “RV” has to be parked somewhere, maintained, repaired, cleaned of shit. Have to do laundry, get a decent shower, et cetera.

Got me thinking of how ‘mobile’ jobs and labor are. Taxes, and what they pay for; types of taxes; who pays, how much, and how wisely it’s spent.

Darker reflections about how American society seems to have evolved. People have to either work, or ‘own” the workers. “Slave-masters” begat “robber-barons”, will it lead to “robot masters”? And I don’t mean robot ruling over humans. More like, human using “robots” [physical and/or internet-bot] to control other humans.