From NPR News: Trump Tells Canada And Mexico He Will Renegotiate, Not Withdraw From NAFTA

From NPR News: Trump Administration Proposes ‘Massive’ Tax Overhaul And Tax Cut Plan

NAFTA has been a good thing. All for a fairer deal, though.

But, more ‘Voodoo Economics’? No thanks. Tax code needs revision, but this stuff hasn’t worked for anyone but the 1% in the past. 

Edit (2017-04-28):

With Billions At Stake, Trump Agrees To Mend NAFTA — Not End It


Marvel HeroClix: AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR: Shifting Focus | HeroClix

Marvel HeroClix: AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR: Shifting Focus | HeroClix:

Love this particular use of the “Shifting Focus” design concept.

Hmm, so, what’s best? Start game with Incap version? Or with PPB version to position, the SF into RS/Incap, then SG back later? Hmm.

WOW. This was unexpected, and is very intriguing!

I thought the non-SF version from a previous preview was interesting as well, so, will include it here for comparison–