The only time I shower after work is if i got really, really dirty and/or sweaty at work. 

Otherwise, I wash my hands, arms, face, neck, somtimes the armpits.

I shower every morning. 

Although I wear my work pants two days in a row (when possible; depends on sweat), rest of my clothing is fresh every day. I tend to do laundry twice a week, so the outfit i wore on Monday is worn again, now clean, on Friday. 

Why do people want me to shower after work? 

I tend to sweat at night while I sleep. Unless I sweat heavily during the day or got very dirty, I don’t need more than a basic wash at night. 

Edit: I bring this up because over the past few days, been perplexing to me how many people have brought up showering before going to bed. 

After I shower and towel-off in the morning, there I tend to “air-out” until I feel completely dry, then get into work clothes. 

It’d feel weird to go to bed still slightly damp.

I sleep in cool places, or under a fan. 

Not that any of this matters, in the grand scheme of things. Why are you reading this?