Marvel HeroClix: What If? – Venom Hulk | HeroClix

Not a fan o the ‘alien symbiotes’ but this looks fun.


Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: Dr. Malus


Disclaimer: I’m way, way behind on all the HeroClix releases. HUGE number of characters new and old coming into the game. I love my heroes, but ‘heroes versus heroes’ gets stale, and in order for our heroes to ‘fight the good fight’, somebody’s gotta be out there doing bad stuff. Supervillains are up to no good, heroes gotta fight them. ‘Nuff Said.

Marvel supervillain: Doctor Karl Malus. “Evil Scientist.” I’d like to state for the record that real-life scientists are ‘everyday heroes’ of mine. The narrative hook of the ‘evil scientist’, though, rests in the ‘occasional bad apple’ who is less about ethical research and more about making a bundle of money while deriving pleasure from unethical and possibly sadistic experimentation, or recklessly, arrogantly pushing boundaries on a quest for grandeur.

Dr. Karl Malus prefers to explore the fringes of superhero-genre pseudo-science for profit and personal satisfaction, whether on his own or working for someone like the “Power Broker”. Along with characters like the Tinkerer (“a.k.a “The Terrible Tinkerer”), Dr. Jonas Harrow, Dr. Spencer Smythe, and so-on, and to an extent even organizations like A.I.M., he supplies the ‘supervillain underworld’ certain products and services.

His is ‘Enhancement’, whether trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum or doing a lot of whacky gene-splicing. His subjects often end up physically powerful, but horribly mutated and/or crazy.

I’m not sure what to suggest for dial design. There are a lot of Scientist keyworded characters in HeroClix that have some cool Trait and Special Powers to draw inspiration from.

One idea: WizKids Game Design has actually made clix pieces that function both off-board as “Resources” (providing a benefit to one or more members of the force), *or* that can be played as a regular HeroClix characters, as part of a team. I’ve mentioned this idea before, and am not sure if it’s cropped up in the game yet, but I’ve always wanted to see a supervillain that is part of a team that starts off-board as a Resource, and at some point — maybe when certain conditions/prerequisites are met, or so many turns have passed — that there’s a kind of ‘pull back the curtain/grand reveal’ moment, and the piece goes from being a Resource to a regular figure on your team, appearing in your starting area.

I may be behind the times now, there may be a character that does exactly that, now.

Time to search the’s UNITS section….

EDIT: Forgot to mention, as of the digital collection I read featuring Sam Wilson as Captain America, Dr. Malus had been mutated by the Alien Symbiote “virus” that has spawned such ‘popular’ supervillain characters as Venom and Carnage. Potential for a two figure “standard/Prime” design?


Oregon Train Stabbings

Oregon’s History of White Supremecy

“Top 1%”? Try “Top 20%”.

“Invisible Hand of the Market”? Markets are created by Human Demand, and Humans trying to control/utilize Supply to meet that Demand.

Since Humans are so heavily involved, it stands to reason some Humans might want to skew the Market(s) in their favor.

“Establishing pecking order” is kind of a “root” or “basic” Human/Animal impulse, correct?