Marvel HeroClix: What If? – Venom Hulk | HeroClix

Not a fan o the ‘alien symbiotes’ but this looks fun.


Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: Dr. Malus


Disclaimer: I’m way, way behind on all the HeroClix releases. HUGE number of characters new and old coming into the game. I love my heroes, but ‘heroes versus heroes’ gets stale, and in order for our heroes to ‘fight the good fight’, somebody’s gotta be out there doing bad stuff. Supervillains are up to no good, heroes gotta fight them. ‘Nuff Said.

Marvel supervillain: Doctor Karl Malus. “Evil Scientist.” I’d like to state for the record that real-life scientists are ‘everyday heroes’ of mine. The narrative hook of the ‘evil scientist’, though, rests in the ‘occasional bad apple’ who is less about ethical research and more about making a bundle of money while deriving pleasure from unethical and possibly sadistic experimentation, or recklessly, arrogantly pushing boundaries on a quest for grandeur.

Dr. Karl Malus prefers to explore the fringes of superhero-genre pseudo-science for profit and personal satisfaction, whether on his own or working for someone like the “Power Broker”. Along with characters like the Tinkerer (“a.k.a “The Terrible Tinkerer”), Dr. Jonas Harrow, Dr. Spencer Smythe, and so-on, and to an extent even organizations like A.I.M., he supplies the ‘supervillain underworld’ certain products and services.

His is ‘Enhancement’, whether trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum or doing a lot of whacky gene-splicing. His subjects often end up physically powerful, but horribly mutated and/or crazy.

I’m not sure what to suggest for dial design. There are a lot of Scientist keyworded characters in HeroClix that have some cool Trait and Special Powers to draw inspiration from.

One idea: WizKids Game Design has actually made clix pieces that function both off-board as “Resources” (providing a benefit to one or more members of the force), *or* that can be played as a regular HeroClix characters, as part of a team. I’ve mentioned this idea before, and am not sure if it’s cropped up in the game yet, but I’ve always wanted to see a supervillain that is part of a team that starts off-board as a Resource, and at some point — maybe when certain conditions/prerequisites are met, or so many turns have passed — that there’s a kind of ‘pull back the curtain/grand reveal’ moment, and the piece goes from being a Resource to a regular figure on your team, appearing in your starting area.

I may be behind the times now, there may be a character that does exactly that, now.

Time to search the’s UNITS section….

EDIT: Forgot to mention, as of the digital collection I read featuring Sam Wilson as Captain America, Dr. Malus had been mutated by the Alien Symbiote “virus” that has spawned such ‘popular’ supervillain characters as Venom and Carnage. Potential for a two figure “standard/Prime” design?


Oregon Train Stabbings

Oregon’s History of White Supremecy

“Top 1%”? Try “Top 20%”.

“Invisible Hand of the Market”? Markets are created by Human Demand, and Humans trying to control/utilize Supply to meet that Demand.

Since Humans are so heavily involved, it stands to reason some Humans might want to skew the Market(s) in their favor.

“Establishing pecking order” is kind of a “root” or “basic” Human/Animal impulse, correct?

Memorial Day 2017

To our citizen soldiers who’ve passed on, whether during their service or long after: Thank you.

Memorial Day:

Call To Arms – BackStory with the American History Guys:

Monumental Disagreements – BackStory with the American History Guys:

“‘Happiness’ in Context”

hedonism: Word of the Day from

“Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness”. Requires Work. Happiness doesn’t mean the “reckless debauchery” that the word Hedonism implies today. Always figured Happiness as envisioned by the Founders during the Age of Reason required Work and a sense of Responsibility, for the sake of Balance. IMHO. 

Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Tatterdemalion, Dr. Malus, Chief Examiner, & Others (v1.1)

I’m having a hard time keeping up with HeroClix, past few years. And I’ve zero time to play the game. Doesn’t keep from buying, doesn’t keep me from chasing down clix for my collection.

The main selling points of HeroClix are that it’s a miniatures-based tabletop strategy game using some of *YOUR* favorite comic book superhero characters. But, since ‘heroes versus heroes’ can get a bit stale, it’s fortunate we’re seeing more and more ‘A’-list thru ‘Z’-list “supervillians” getting made into clix for our heroes to tussle with.

Man, though, has it been hard to keep up. Blistering pace of releases these past few years. I’m behind enough on news and purchases, that even with the help of the’s “UNITS” section, I’m not sure if any of the ‘villains’ I post about in this or future “HeroClix Wish-List” posts have already appeared. So, with that said…

First up: Tatterdemalion. tatterdemalion: definition from tatterdemalion Wikipedia: Tatterdemalion

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger or two on what ‘commentary on society-at-large’ comic book creators might be trying to make. And as time marches on, when other creators get to do their own thing with the ‘concept’, things can get really weird and muddled. The ‘supervillain’ Tatterdemalion’ here is one of those weirder concepts. Homeless. Yet, started out as a lower-tier kind of ‘tech-villain’. Schizophrenic. Axe to grind with the wealthy “Elite”. Apparently once a wealthy man himself, swindled by either the Las Vegas mob or other business ‘elites’, or some combination of both. Apparently once a stage actor and lauded tap-dancer. And given the ‘fabric’ of the ‘Marvel narrative universe’, he’s occasionally been the Earthly ‘toy/tool’ of some demonic forces of the netherworld, feeding off his pain and fear, having him wreak more fear and pain on his fellow human beings that the demons feed off of.

Tatterdemalion power set could easily lend itself to ‘simple’ modern dial design. Eligible for standard or special power variants of the following: Leap/Climb; Poison; Exploit Weakness (“acidic touch that can dissolve or combust paper and fabrics” that most characters are susceptible to, but not Armor or Robot keyworded); Super Senses-defeating special power (not necessarily Precision Strike); Smoke Cloud/Poison hybrid; Stealth special power variant or Trait variant.



Are Fentanyl Dealers Now Targeting African-Americans? | WKSU

EDIT (2017-05-27):

The Habit – BackStory with the American History Guys:


Call me a whackadoodle conspiracy theorist if you want to….. So, Alt-Right White Nationalists within, spewing their bile,…. a POTUS representative of a sector of the allegedly “Conservative” business community willing to set aside freedom and liberty in pursuit of profit by compromising Democratic-Republican principles and colluding with autocratic oligarchs and monarchical regimes that sow distrust and sponsor terror,… Two countries, two of our biggest trading partners, with whom we have rather rocky relationships now thanks to the current  POTUS [Mexico and China], who harbor criminal elements intent on brining us [U.S.] down from the inside by trafficking in opiate-based poison.


The “mission statement” of the Preamble–

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

So, what do we do? Stemming the flow of illegal immigrant labor hasn’t slowed trafficking of illegal drugs. And the cartels seem to have a plan.

More Marvel HeroClix: What If? 

Marvel HeroClix: What If? – Daredevil | HeroClix:

“Mainstream” continuity–

“What If…?”

Love what WizKids is doing with this set.

Scott “That Guy” Porter’s Marvel HeroClix: What If? Unboxing Videos | HeroClix:

I tell ya, WizKids has released so many characters that I’ve “hungered” for years for, having to think long and hard about what else I’d like to see or chase down. Not a bad problem to have.

So, it’s 6:38pm, according to my phone. But I pull into a parking space here at the ‘assisted living’ facility my gramma is currently in, and notice my car’s clock says it’s 7:11. In the morning. WTF.

I’m hoping it’s not a major problem. I’ve reset it. We’ll see if it recurs.

Althought likely a battery or electronics issue, my mind anymore can’t help but suspect foul play. Some malcontent who doesn’t like a political post I made online is monkeying with my car, that’s the thought I can’t let go of. Some piece-of-shit alt-right fascist psychopathic Alpha Ape asshole probably, is the thought running through my brain….