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“Admiration of ‘Alpha-Ape’ Authoritarianism”

From NPR News: 6 Strongmen Trump Has Praised — And The Conflicts It Presents

I hadn’t realized Xi Jinping and his cohorts were that bad. Having a soft spot for Asian cultures, I guess I had blinders on. Had also mistaken the expanded economic freedoms China has made headway in for its citizenry, conflated it with seemingly-inevitable expansion of individual freedoms as well.

China has a ways to go, IMHO.

“Civil Warts and All”

Fact Check: Could Andrew Jackson Have Stopped The Civil War, As Trump Said?

Measuring Worth – Measuring the Value of a Slave:

Bleeding Kansas:

I tend to agree with those who say the Southern slave states were unlikely to give up the socioeconomic structures of slavery without a fight, as reducing other human beings to status of rights-less non-human property and exploiting the labor was fundamental to slave-state economies.