From Ancient Greece, Lessons On The Risk Of A Modern, Accidental War

From Ancient Greece, Lessons On The Risk Of A Modern, Accidental War : Parallels : NPR:

I haven’t done a lot ‘reading for pleasure’ in the past decade. And, since Sir Terry Pratchett passed on, have had even less desire. 

Although strictly his real world history and politics-related, the new book being hocked sounds like it might be worth firing up the old Kindle and buying, reading.

Frankly, makes me want to break out my Blackstone Media edition Sun-Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ CDs again. A lot in there, too, about *not* waging war.

Frankly, my belief: America is still great. We’ve risked our greatness mostly  by how we’ve been conducting our wars; until this latest POTUS administration, we were still leading in the world, in trade, in globalization of American values, in trying to appeal to the hearts, minds, and ‘better angels’ of the rest of the world. Yes, we have done and continue to do spme hypocritical things, but we’re great at self-reflection and trying ro get better. Our systems generally encourage that kind of growth.

At least we are when the most greedy, aggressive, and close-mimded amongst us aren’t trying to sabotage such effort, mostly in ways which benefit *them*.

Can’t just ‘rest on our laurels’ of greatness. Gotta work with others, engage, explore, discover, build, make, and lead by example, right? “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way.”