MCU & Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: Blackjack O’Hare

I love Rocket Raccoon. Have, still, in my dwindling comic book collection, the 4-issue limited series from the 1980’s.

I keep wondering if there’s room in Marvel Studio’s schedule for R.R. to get a ‘stand-alone’ movie, his own ‘origin story’ movie? More like, he and Groot (or maybe without Groot?) take a break away from the Guatdians, with Rocket secretly following a lead about who he is and where he came from because he’s fonally curious enough and has a sense that it was connected to something ‘clandestine’. He could run into someone who knows him whom he can’t remember: Blackjack O’Hare. Tohether, they find Halfworld and their origins. Mix of cosmic space opera zaniness, “Bourne Identity”, the “Lethal Weapon” buddy-stuff.

Would love to see all the Halfworld stiff in the movies. Wickedly weird. Genetically-modified cybernetically-enhanced anthropomorphic Earth-origin animals; robots that are evolving and searching for a higher purpose; “killer clowns”; Loonies. ‘Nuff Said.

Would love to see all the characters of the old 80’s limited series become a Marvel HeroClix release. A boxed starter, and a 20-character gravity feed. (Loke the first TMNT release.)

EDIT: So, I posted this based on fond memories. I do a little reading-up on what’s been done with the character,…. he’s Rocket’s enemy now! 


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