So, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (an “Islamic Monarchy”, predominantly Sunni) welcomes President Trump.

Arms deals finalized.
Mention of our “shared values” with the Saudis, by POTUS Trump in speech today.
Saudis want the U.S. to have a tougher stance against Iran.

Iran (“Islamic Republic”; predominantly Shia), meanwhile, seems to be adhering to the nuclear deal, and re-elected a relative ‘moderate’ to its presidency.

But, many in Congress want to punish Iran for past insults/offensives (sometimes, seems like some have wanted full-out war since the “Iran Hostage Crisis” of the late 1970’s/early 1980’s).

What are we looking at here?

We [the US] like to think of ourselves as heroically promoting ideals of Freedom/Liberty, Democracy/Republicanism/Federalism/Constitutionalism, Free & Fair Trade, Equity & Compassion, et cetera.

The phrase ‘transactional’ keeps coming up. Tolerance, even promotion, of brutal authoritarian rule — by either dictatorial ‘strongmen’ and their gangsters, or ‘traditional’ repressive monarchies.

Where’s human civilization heading? 7.5 billion people, going ‘tribal’, heading toward World War III?



Trump In Saudi Arabia: Fight Against Terrorism A ‘Battle Between Good And Evil’ : The Two-Way : NPR:

Well… concerning Trump’s speech: There were parts where I was actually hopeful. Still, feeling ‘mixed’.

Iran sponsors terror: a very bad, evil thing.
Hasn’t Saudi Arabia also sponsored terror?

Will Iran be allowed to change its ways?
Or do we destroy it first?

Edit (2017-05-23): Follow-up —

Trump’s Trip On The (Saudi) Royal Carpet – 1A: