Wish I could remember: Was it Plato that espoused the value of art and athletics in education? Wish I could remember the ‘why’ of the argument. But if all that is true, I’d like to add ‘science’ to the list. And part of the reason is because of the roles arts, athletics, and science have in developing what the two radio programs I linked to above were stressing: Work Ethics. And part of work ethic: focusing on the task at hand, shrugging off the tediousness or repetitiveness that may be required, completing the task.

I used to have a good work ethic. My bosses at the time told me so.

Some think I still do, or so they say [annual reviews]. I doubt any of my coworkers really think that of me. I doubt any of my neighbors think that of me.

I’ve become less useful. Less productive.

I’m about done with life.


EDIT (2017-05-23):

What Politicians And Pundits Get Wrong About White Working Class Voters – 1A: http://the1a.org/shows/2017-05-22/what-elites-get-wrong-about-white-working-class-voters