White House To Release ‘Taxpayer First’ Budget Plan, With Cuts To Safety Nets http://n.pr/2rM7skz

The “war on the poor” continues. I assume the poor and disabled are part of the “losers” that are hated by the rich.

Excerpt: “This is, I think, the first time in a long time that an administration has written a budget through the eyes of the people who are actually paying the taxes,” White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters on Monday.

Well, speaking as a lowly blue-collar Moderate/Centrist Republican who pays his taxes, I’m still wondering about Trump’s history of taxed and charitable giving.

Edit II: Excerpt —

“The Trump administration has taken so many important pieces of the budget off the table,” MacGuineas said. “They’re saying they won’t raise taxes. They’re going to increase defense spending. And they’re not going to address our biggest programs: Social Security and Medicare. And so when you’re trying to reach balance by relying on such a tiny sliver of the budget, it’s very difficult to make those numbers add up.”

Yeah, no shit.