Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Tatterdemalion, Dr. Malus, Chief Examiner, & Others (v1.1)

I’m having a hard time keeping up with HeroClix, past few years. And I’ve zero time to play the game. Doesn’t keep from buying, doesn’t keep me from chasing down clix for my collection.

The main selling points of HeroClix are that it’s a miniatures-based tabletop strategy game using some of *YOUR* favorite comic book superhero characters. But, since ‘heroes versus heroes’ can get a bit stale, it’s fortunate we’re seeing more and more ‘A’-list thru ‘Z’-list “supervillians” getting made into clix for our heroes to tussle with.

Man, though, has it been hard to keep up. Blistering pace of releases these past few years. I’m behind enough on news and purchases, that even with the help of the’s “UNITS” section, I’m not sure if any of the ‘villains’ I post about in this or future “HeroClix Wish-List” posts have already appeared. So, with that said…

First up: Tatterdemalion. tatterdemalion: definition from tatterdemalion Wikipedia: Tatterdemalion

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger or two on what ‘commentary on society-at-large’ comic book creators might be trying to make. And as time marches on, when other creators get to do their own thing with the ‘concept’, things can get really weird and muddled. The ‘supervillain’ Tatterdemalion’ here is one of those weirder concepts. Homeless. Yet, started out as a lower-tier kind of ‘tech-villain’. Schizophrenic. Axe to grind with the wealthy “Elite”. Apparently once a wealthy man himself, swindled by either the Las Vegas mob or other business ‘elites’, or some combination of both. Apparently once a stage actor and lauded tap-dancer. And given the ‘fabric’ of the ‘Marvel narrative universe’, he’s occasionally been the Earthly ‘toy/tool’ of some demonic forces of the netherworld, feeding off his pain and fear, having him wreak more fear and pain on his fellow human beings that the demons feed off of.

Tatterdemalion power set could easily lend itself to ‘simple’ modern dial design. Eligible for standard or special power variants of the following: Leap/Climb; Poison; Exploit Weakness (“acidic touch that can dissolve or combust paper and fabrics” that most characters are susceptible to, but not Armor or Robot keyworded); Super Senses-defeating special power (not necessarily Precision Strike); Smoke Cloud/Poison hybrid; Stealth special power variant or Trait variant.