(From NPR News:) Our Last Year Together: What My Camera Captured As My Parents Died Of Cancer http://n.pr/2prtDuN

Wrenching and uplifting. [IMO]


Things like “the war on terror” or “the war on crime” or whatever,…. the military [as a whole], the law enforcement organizations [as a whole], the intelligence agencies [as a whole], have plenty of funds and resources. They are constantly fed. 

Terrorism and crime, the nature of them, you can never have “enough” resources to end either, for all time.

What about scientific research? And given the article linked to above, medical research: if we’ve moved from a predominantly “agricultural economy”, thru “industrial manufacturing economy”, thru “service economy”, and into the “knowledge economy”,…. seems like the U.S. and human civilization as a whole would benefit in a “surge” for four years into scientific research and developing the infrastructure to support it. 

Could a “war on cancer” actually be won? Sustainably won? For example?