God Bless the Cleveland Cavaliers.

God Bless LeBron James.

Keep up the fight. Make them [GSW] sweat and bleed for every point.


EDIT: Yes, I know the Cavs are down 3-0 as of last night.

They are the ‘Underdogs’, and more importantly, they’re *our family* here in Northeast Ohio. Win or Lose, we love ’em. They’ve worked hard. They’ve earned every point they’ve made.

Win or Lose, they should NOT make it easy for West Coasters. Cleveland, being in “The Middle” always gets put down, pushed around, and beat up by The Coasts.

“Get knocked down, get back up again.”

If GSW does win this whole series, I wanna seem exhausted by the end.

Cavs and the King need to play hard, but smart, make the “Golden Boys” expend more energy that they do for every point, right to the very end, every time.

Losing sucks, but you have to keep your Honor, your Heart.

The GSW may be becoming to the NBA what the NY Yankees are to baseball — high-powered, highly paid, but kinda soulessly mercenary — but the Cavs have the Skills and the Heart, and they have our hearts and admiration as well.