Thinking about giving up cable TV, save some pennies. Thinking about alternatives. Thinking about whether or not waiting for or buying DVDs again is worth it.

Thinking about how ‘net neutrality” is in danger. Thinking about how I don’t have NetFlix, and have never seen any of the Marvel Comics shows made specifically for it.

 Thinking about how much I enjoy AMC, FX, and Syfy. 

Thinking about ABC/Disney/Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” and “Agent Carter”, about how much I enjoyed them but completely lost track of them, and haven’t caught up. Thinking about how easy it is to watch rebroadcasts of programs like “Fargo” and “Into The Badlands” and “Snowfall” and “Preacher” and “Legion” and so on. And still see reruns of Marvel movies and other sci-fi faves. Thinking of how much “traditional broadcast network TV” deliberately limits itself and dilutes itself.

Right now: Also watching the first “Blade” movie on SyFy. Thinking: They mention how “The Daywalker” ages like a normal human, despite his other advantages over the Vampires he hunts. And about how Blade intersects with science and ‘magik’ in his own way. Thinking about how cool it would be if the three Wesley Snipes “Blades” movies could be MCU canon, and Snipes could guest star on a season of “Agents of SHIELD”, as an older-but-still-brutally-effective-vampire-killer Blade. Marvel only half-explained ‘magick’ in the MCU anyway. (Got some ideas, personally, integratipn of older ideas, smooth out some spots….)