(2017/07/20): fact-check-trumps-confusing-remarks-to-senate-republicans-on-health-care

This article is why *this* “Purple Republican” is ‘sustaining member’ of his ‘glocal affiliate’ NPR station. This article fact-checks it all, providing some links to great follow-up reading.


EDIT: So, lately I’ve been thinking of myself as a ‘Purple Republican’. I’ve parted ways with Conservatism, a while back. Modern “Conservatism” and it’s “Libertarian” offshoot just got really ‘Out There’ for me.

Got used to the jabs that Conservative Republicans would take at Republicans like me, calling anyone who wasn’t Conservative enough a RINO (“Republican In Name Only”). My “Republican Heroes” — Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and so on — don’t really line up as “Conservative” as the “base” of the party seems to want either.

I searched the internet for a head-shot image of a ‘purple rhinoceros’ I could snag and adopt as my symbol. A “Purple RINO” as it were. Unfortunately, found out that “Purple Rhino” is some sort of breed or strain of marijuana. Since I am very, very anti-recreational narcotics/drugs, looks like I’ll have to find a different ‘symbol’ or ‘sigil’ to help me represent myself.

“Purple Triceratops” perhaps?