From NPR News: Ohio Man Charged With Murder In Fatal Car Attack On Anti-White Nationalist March

Hope this guy gets the book thrown at him.

Said it before on thia blog, will say it again:

Fuck the KKK, fuck the Neo-Nazis, fuck the Supremacists of every stripe.

Freedom of Speech requires we allow them thier spot in the Public Square, but if said people of such ideologies are only holding such public rallies with the intent of provoking or initiating physical violence, then they need to be treated as the Domestic Enemies to Freedom that they are. 

EDIT (2017-08-15): To be clear —

To Hell with Racism. To Hell with White Nationalism.

The American Melting Pot works, and continues to do so, despite all efforts to dismiss, blame, or sabotage it.

Edit: From NPR News: Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer ‘Stood Up’ Against What She Felt Was Wrong