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From NPR News:

Artificial Intelligence Takes Scientists Inside Living Human Cells https://n.pr/2K40zV2

California Moves Forward With Plan To Require Solar Panels On New Homes https://n.pr/2FZA2G0

Government Will Test And Collect Data From New Drone Programs In 10 States https://n.pr/2I5Ek4w

Tobacco Smoke Residue Can Become Airborne Again Indoors https://n.pr/2I4ATuM

Automation Will Crash Democracy | All Debates | Debates | IQ2US Debates: https://www.intelligencesquaredus.org/debates/automation-will-crash-democracy

Robots Ate My Job: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/tech/robots-ate-my-job

From NPR News:

Trump’s Personal Approach To Policy On Display Ahead Of N. Korea Summit https://n.pr/2I1AqJK

Trump Meets 3 Americans Held In North Korea As They Return To U.S. https://n.pr/2FYToLn

Former Iranian Nuclear Negotiator Weighs In On U.S. Decision To Leave Nuclear Deal https://n.pr/2KaBo3b

U.S. To ‘Prod’ And ‘Cajole’ Allies To Stop Doing Business With Iran, Official Says https://n.pr/2I1MP0n

Oil Prices Rise After Trump’s Iran Speech, But Supply And Demand Also Fuel Increase https://n.pr/2I4Cml2



Iran’s military response to US pull out of the nuclear deal was unacceptable.
NOT a peaceful, mature, “grown-up nation” response.

I support Israel’s response.
I also hope cooler heads can keep this from escalating in WWIII.

Kudos to Trump and Pompeo on getting North Korea to release the 3 Americas, wrongly imprisoned.

Still not voting for Trump in 2020.

Am hearing rumblings in recent analysis the pulling out of Iran nuclear deal helped Putin’s desire of drive deeper any wedges he can between Europe and the US.

Hoping for the best outcome with North Korea.
Still afraid he’ll screw it up via agressive thuggery, feeding the brewing “cold war” he seems to want with China.