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No one knows how a military Space Force would work, exactly

No one knows how a military Space Force would work, exactly:


(EDIT: originally posted on 2018-06-19): (621127192) when-it-comes-to-a-new-space-force-only-congress-has-the-power-to-create-it trump-space-force-former-astronaut-opinions

I can’t stand President Trump.

But, I support the item of reorganizing our entire military. Have felt for some time that the Army should become to the Air Force what the Marines are to the Navy. Thought for some time that the Coast Guard could be reorganized into a “National Border Guard” defense/law-enforcement hybrid for land, sea, and air.

Now a “Space Force”. Yep. Digging it. I want my “Star Fleet” and “Star Fleet Academy”. I want such a military branch to go all “Star Trek”, being about both defense *and* scientific research and exploration, to work heavily with NASA, NOAA, DARPA, and more. The fruits of the technological envelop-pushing that the “Space Race” gave us was immeasurable, IMHO. We simply MUST do this.

HeroClix Wish-List: “Incredibles!”

So, weekend of June 16th, the long-awaited sequel to the original “The Incredibles” movie came out, “The Incredibles 2”. My Fiance had never seen the original, so we bought it on Netflix and watched it that weekend. She said she liked it, and enjoyed it. Yay!

Last weekend, weekend of June 23rd, she indulged my sci-fi/superhero nerdy-obsession: we saw “The Incredibles 2”! I’m a very lucky dork.

We both enjoyed it, by the way. Good stuff, a lot if fun. In a way, I compare it — in one way — with the more-recent Marvel movies, volumes 1 and 2 of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. In what way? As a kind if two-part “origin story”. Which will hopefully lead to more stories with these beloved characters, new challenges, new developments, new adventures, new worlds to explore.

Anyway, this post is a HeroClix Wish-List post. Done this once before, covering the original movie. A lot has changed in the game since I last wish-listed them. Rules have improved, game design overall and character dial design in particular has evolved continually, and character selection has become incredibly diverse. Playing and collecting this game is a fun, wonderful experience.

Since I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie”, this Wish-List will be drawing inspiration largelt from the Marvel HeroClix sets: THE MIGHTY THOR; AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR; AVENGERS INFINITY.


EDIT (2018-07-01]: Sorry this is taking so long, “real life” gets in the way. I’ll start with listing “predictable” stuff first, hopefully as time marches on and the list gets revised the ideas will get better…

  • “Civilian Alter Egos”: Basically, redesign and reintroduce the Alter Ego (in a way that the language can be retrofitted back onto existing Alter Ego empowered HeroClix characters of past sets), maybe incorporating STOP click special power type of effects. Then, put them on “civilian” versions of Robert Parr, Helen Parr, Lucius Best, Violet Parr, Dashell Parr. These versions of the characters would be Unique-ringed Super Rares. Traited Shape Change.
  • Mr. Incredible: Basic power set: Super strength, suite of damage reducers. Need versions for Common, Uncommon, and Rare rarity levels. Common: 1st movie, orange/black costume, “super-dad”, keyword-based Perplex when within so many squares of Frozone and other Incredibles. Uncommon: 1st movie, blue/black “golden age” version; some sort “danger sense” (may be reflected with Energy Shield/Deflection, or Defend, or some combination of the two). Rare: 2nd movie, orange/black supersuit, stronger keyword-based ally-proximity-based special effects.
  • Elasti-Girl
  • Violet
  • Dash
  • Jack-Jack
  • Frozone
  • Edna Mode: Unique, Super-Rare
  • Rick Dicker: Unique, Super-Rare
  • Syndrome
  • Syndrome Mercenary
  • Syndrome Agent/Mirage
  • Omnidroid Mk I
  • Omnidroid Mk II
  • Omnidroid Mk III
  • Omnidroid Mk IV
  • Gazerbeam
  • Gamma Jack
  • Thunderhead
  • Brick
  • Krushhauser
  • Void
  • Screenslaver
  • Vechicle: Syndrome Hoverblade
  • Vehicle: Incredibile
  • Vehicle: Mohawk (mentioned in Incredibles 2, not seen)
  • Vehicle: Elasti-Cycle
  • Vehicle: Snogg’s Jet
  • Vehicle: Underminer’s Drill (Colossal)
  • Vehicle: Underminer’s Drill (Giant)
  • **more to follow**

Innovation Hub | Great Minds, Great Conversations | Full Show: History Repeats:

(Good pieces thia week. One on ‘nostalgia’ and its effects on self-identity and belief systems. Then an excellent piece of public libraries.)

Using My Religion | On The Media | WNYC Studios:

(Also a great episode. Some of the commentary about Jeff Sessions’ use of Biblical text to justify his law enforcement tactics, Biblical language favored by slave-owners and slave-traders back before the U.S. Civil War to justify that way of life.

DC Comics HeroClix: “Batman: The Animated Series” Set Previews| HeroClix

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series Previews! | HeroClix:


(EDIT: Originally posted on 2018-06-15):

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series Pre-Release | HeroClix:

Looking forward to this. Brings back great memories of the TV series.

As long as they’re including characters from the “Batman Beyond” series, I hope we get the Dee-Dee Twins….

Also: I hope WizKids makes a set based on another DC Comics’ animated series: “Justice League Unlimited”!

Really want a new Vigilante.

And finally see a Longshadow clix, preferably as a colossal figure.)

[2018-06-08] From NPR News: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Chemical Building Blocks For Life On Mars


[2018-06-06] From NPR News: Inside The Ukrainian Clinic Making ‘3-Parent Babies’ For Women Who Are Infertile

OPINION: I think this is incredible cool.

Does it present moral and ethical challenges? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean it should not be done. Just needs ro continue to be done in a disciplined manner, under scientifically rigorous conditions. We shall use the data to constantly re-evaluate the morality and ethics of this.

Such is life.

But, trying to outlaw it? Out of fear of misuse? Seems like a blind, ignorant thing to do.

This is science and technology we’re talking about here. In order to counter, curb, or repair the damage of abuse, we’ll have to actively work at it. Trying to say, “No, we won’t do any more research in this area, it’s a No-No!”? Some one out there will be doing it, and their intentions might not be as altruistic as we hope. We need to be the leading edge on this, the pioneers.


[2018-06-07] Finally, a Likely Explanation for the “Sonic Weapon” Used at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba – IEEE Spectrum:


[2018-06-08] Seven Ways to Keep Your Recycling Out of the Landfill | News | 90.3 WCPN ideastream:


Agree with need for appropriately balance legislative and regulatory “nudges” to encourage manufacturer to reduce production of unrecyclable plastics.

Disagree with the article’s tone that modern chemical processes, modern computer and automation can’t be of help.

Time for that sector of the market — recycling and waste reprocessing, and the way it dovetails with manufacturing, agriculture, and mining/refining, to receive the infrastructure investment it needs for the future.

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of [Hormones of] Happiness”

10 Hormones Of Happiness:

endorphin: definition from

epinephrine: definition from


Technocracy – Wikipedia:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Wikipedia:

Basic income – Wikipedia:

Given the Human Animal’s predilection toward addiction, I think “Universal Basic Income” is unsustainable.

Markets and Capitalism are still useful, evolutionarily unavoidable I think.

What we’ve done in the past that needs to be avoided: slavery and slave trading; peonage; serfdom.

Class structures happen. It’s necessary, therefore, to keep the “number” of classes small but broad, with plenty of systems in place to grow opportunites for sustainable resource management, mobility, security, freedom, and “safety net” backstops.