[2018-06-08] From NPR News: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Chemical Building Blocks For Life On Mars https://n.pr/2xKKn9I


[2018-06-06] From NPR News: Inside The Ukrainian Clinic Making ‘3-Parent Babies’ For Women Who Are Infertile https://n.pr/2H8QqVd

OPINION: I think this is incredible cool.

Does it present moral and ethical challenges? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean it should not be done. Just needs ro continue to be done in a disciplined manner, under scientifically rigorous conditions. We shall use the data to constantly re-evaluate the morality and ethics of this.

Such is life.

But, trying to outlaw it? Out of fear of misuse? Seems like a blind, ignorant thing to do.

This is science and technology we’re talking about here. In order to counter, curb, or repair the damage of abuse, we’ll have to actively work at it. Trying to say, “No, we won’t do any more research in this area, it’s a No-No!”? Some one out there will be doing it, and their intentions might not be as altruistic as we hope. We need to be the leading edge on this, the pioneers.


[2018-06-07] Finally, a Likely Explanation for the “Sonic Weapon” Used at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba – IEEE Spectrum: https://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/devices/finally-a-likely-explanation-for-the-sonic-weapon-used-at-the-us-embassy-in-cuba


[2018-06-08] Seven Ways to Keep Your Recycling Out of the Landfill | News | 90.3 WCPN ideastream: http://wcpn.ideastream.org/news/seven-ways-to-keep-your-recycling-out-of-the-landfill


Agree with need for appropriately balance legislative and regulatory “nudges” to encourage manufacturer to reduce production of unrecyclable plastics.

Disagree with the article’s tone that modern chemical processes, modern computer and automation can’t be of help.

Time for that sector of the market — recycling and waste reprocessing, and the way it dovetails with manufacturing, agriculture, and mining/refining, to receive the infrastructure investment it needs for the future.