Buchanan’s Trump

How The 1990s Paved The Way For Today’s Political Divide – 1A: https://the1a.org/shows/2018-10-04/the-red-the-blue

How Trump Really Got Rich – The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/03/podcasts/the-daily/donald-trump-fred-trump-tax-money.html

[For a layman like me, a blue-collar tax-paying voter, this reinforces for me why I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, and will never vote for him.]


“Agents of MARVEL”

Thank God I have a fiance with internet-only cable service and a huge TV with an Amazon Firestick.

I lost track of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” back when I was still single. I had access to basic cable TV then, but no DVR or DVD; only internet access I had was thru my smartphone and its Verizon plan.

Since the show was an ABC network show, my only choice was “appointment viewing”. Didn’t work out so well for me. Loved the show, but my work schedule meant I tended to fall asleep during the long commercial breaks. The last epsisode I remember catching it its entirety Simmons’ survival on the planet Maveth. After that, I caught plenty of partial episodes, but, I lost track during that season. Happened more and more when they shifted to a 10pm time slot.

Few weeks ago, started watching it from season 1. Two, three, at a time. Unlike most, I loved the first season, and it only got better from there.

This morning, I watched 5 episodes (woke up early, got my Sunday chores done, been lazy since). I’m in the middle of episode 10 of season 5. Man has it been a wild ride. Superhero/spy/noir/sci-fi/horror.

Heck, thinking about it now, the whole series has been about one “team’s” experience as a formerly shadowy goverment agency that dealt with paranormal threats died a slow death, from both threats it couldn’t anticipate, and more than a few it had a hand in making while it was trying to anticipate known and unknown threats.

Wild, wild ride.

I’m afraid to see how much more of the series is left. Afraid to look on the internet to see. Afraid it got cancelled. (I believe I heard a rumor.)

Of course, I look forward to reaquainting myself with “Agent Carter”. Then, delving into the Netflix Marvel series of series, finally.

Thank you, wife-to-be, for Amazon Firestick TV, and letting me watch it (after you’re done with your episodes of “Orange is the New Black”, “The Fosters”, “Frankie & Grace”, and “The Good Wife” (which have been fun to watch together, for ‘regular dramas’).