000 About: grey_zealot’s_zone (v5.6)

Fool, Idiot, Misfit, Moron, Loser, & Dullard… *with* an amateur “hobby blog” about HeroClix [and occasionally other topics of interest], full of inane ramblings, vague generalities, and otherwise dorkish behavior.
Aging blue-collar worker, getting fatter, still a single dork.
“HeroClix Player/Collector”, with emphasis on ‘collector’. Way too obsessed with the game of HeroClix, despite not playing it much at all. Love to wade into the rules and characters. Thus, the focus of this selfish little blog.
To the extent that I can, I try not to talk about work, family, politics or other private matters here [I’ve now created other blogs for that]. (Still, sometimes thing boil over. I ‘vent’.)

The point of “HeroClix_Zealot”: An “amateur hobby blog” focused on the game of HeroClix. This will be mostly about getting either previously “UnClixed” characters into the game, or getting characters “ReClixed”. I also used to do a lot of “Tinkering” with the rules, just to try out some ideas. Don’t do much of that anymore.

To be clear, I’m focused (as a player and collector) on the superhero comics-based intellectual properties. Only ‘dabble’ in the non-superhero comics clix-games.

The broadest categories to be used on this particular blog:

  • “Wish-List”: Still a lot of Marvel Comics and DC Comics character remain “untapped”.
  • “ReClix”: Some characters are already in the game, but may deserve new versions. (WizKids has been great about not only getting never-before-clixed character into the game, but making “Character Card Era” [CCE] versions of characters that haven’t had new versions since the “Pre-Character Card Era” [PCCE].
  • “HeroClix Player/Collector”: ‘Catch-all’ category.
  • “Tinkering”: Mucking about with some rules or game effects; amateur, home-use-only custom stuff.
  • “Ret-Cons”: Adding totally unofficial, amateur homemade Ret-Con Traits [RCT’s] to older HeroClix characters, mostly PCCE versions, but sometimes “tweaking” or completely changing special powers or traits of early CCE versions. Point/Intent:

Other categories may pop into and out of existence. I “tinker” with my blogs, a lot.

Got into the game in 2002 when I stumbled upon the Marvel INFINITY CHALLENGE, CLOBBERIN’ TIME, and DC Comics HYPERTIME boosters in a local games/comics shop in the town where I work. Glommed on to the game hard. But, play experience has been infrequent over the years.

Haven’t played in any sort of tournament since after the release of the ULTIMATES set in 2004.
Haven’t played a casual game in someone’s home since…2008?
Have not played one of my “tinkering/testing/solitaire” games since September of 2011.

Not to mention that as much as I love the game — love wading into and soaking in the rules and mechanics — I kinda suck at this game when I’ve played. (As with Chess, I always manage to screw-up some positioning at the start of the game, creating a vulnerability that I spend the rest of a match trying to recover from. Everytime.) But, I love the game, and continue to support the game, buying way more than I should and giving away extras (“spreading the gospel” as it were).

Comics: Tried to get completely out of comics back in the 1990’s, while I was in the U.S.Army. Partially successful. Pretty much only buy the occasional Captain America-related trade paperback collection, when I can. Which is becoming a much rarer purchase, what with a tight economy, not a lot of “spending money” to begin with, and most of my meager “entertainment budget” getting thrown at HeroClix.

“This Old Blog”: WordPress is only my latest “home” in my “hobby blogging experiment”. Started out almost a decade ago now, playing with MySpace’s blog tools. Flirted a bit here and there with HCRealms.com’s “blogging tools”, such as they are. Had a blog over on Blogspot; had to “euthanize” it. After posting some politically oriented stuff, the blog got “messed up” somehow. Became unfixable, way beyond my “user-only” abilities. Deleted it.

Been at WordPress ever since. Tried creating a number of different blogs, too. This one — greyzealot.wordpress.com — is the original, the one I keep coming back to. And wordpress is great. They are always improving.

Revisions vs. Updates, & “The Vanishing Blog”

Fair Warning: I screw around with posts here a lot. And I am constantly rearranging stuff. And deleting posts. Started this particular blog back in January of 2010, and I routinely delete posts for various reasons. There are no posts left from January, February, or March of 2010, for example. More “recent” posts usually get deleted first, the “impulse posts”, the ones on politics/current events, or family, or work, et cetera. If I re-post something, I try to call out the dates, or at least put a revision number of some sort somewhere. (I don’t necessarily do this if simply correcting mispellings or grammatical errors, or adding tags or modifying categories.) FYI.

“Collages”: Have always made ‘character collages’. Flexing what rudimentary ‘artistic impulses’ I have. Had a thing a couple years ago for turning the old “Ret-Con” posts into “Ret-Con Collages” [imbedding RCT’s into the character collage], giving each “collage” its own page, then deleting the original post. I’ve reversed course on that, somewhat. I continue with ‘character collages’,and sometimes incorporate the RCT’s into them. I am trying to get back into the habit of keeping RCT’s solely as text within the post (easier to correct botched wording or tweak effects that way).


Yes, a lot of posts are about “supervillain” characters. No, I don’t think I’m a supervillain, nor do I want to be one. This is all about getting characters from superhero comic books into the game of HeroClix. That’s all. (Heroes fighting heroes is kinda boring.)

“Fair Use”

I scoop up a lot of pics from around the net.
I assume fair use.
Can never tell these days, though.
Crossing my fingers, hope I don’t get sued.


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