000a “About: Nothing”

I am a Fool, and Idiot, a Loser, a Misfit Plebeian.
I still choose to exercise my free-speech my rights. Taking hits from that by some, as I am considered too stupid, shouldn’t really be opening my mouth. But, will continue to do so. Only thing I’ve got.


This particular blog is my original WordPress one, and has been “torn down and rebuilt” several times. I have two other WordPress blogs going, in an attempt to partition off (“compartmentalize”) “hobby stuff” from “personal stuff” and “more serious stuff”. All about the Stuff here.


About the “handle” of grey_zealot:

Came up with it in 2000, back when I hung out at what was warcraftiii.net. Loved the computer game StarCraft, loved the Protoss faction, which was a conceptual mish-mash of the typical “gray alien” and the aliens from the sci-fi/action movie “Predator”. The base infantry unit was the “Zealot”. Liked the play on words, since gray or grey can mean “undetermined” or “undefined” or “having a neutral hue”, and “zealot” meant “one who is fanatically devoted to a cause”. I’m kinda “devoted to maintaining balance, a middle ground”. Politically moderate. “Zen Virtue”, maybe? And a “Deist”, love of God & Reason. Anyway, when I created the name on warcraftiii.net, I’d misspelled it, swapping around the “a” and the “e”. Took a week or so of requests to get it changed. That old site, last time I checked, turned into war3.com. Not even sure if it’s still around anymore.


Military Service: I was in the U.S.Army from JUL 1992 thru JUL 1998. Topped-out at the rank of E-5/SGT. Job (MOS): Designation at the time was 68X:”Armament & Electrical Systems Repairer, AH-64 Apache”. (The MOS code has changed since then; I think MOS 68X is used for some sort of medical job now?) Proud to have served, but I served during peace time, and was not called back after the terrorist attacks on 11 SEP 2001. I was okay as a soldier, competent as a technician, but was not a good sergeant. In the army, if you can’t work your way up the ranks, you get out. I guess that’s why I was never called back. Not a Leader. My mom thinks I “hide” my military service. I don’t hide it, I just don’t think I’ve earned any right to “flaunt” my status as a Veteran, mostly because I only served one 6-year enlistment, and never saw combat.


Current stretch of civilian employment: 2001-10-15 to present. AgriNomix, LLC of Oberlin, Ohio.

Previous stretch of employment: 1998-08-17 to 2001-10-12. Nordson Corporation (Advanced Gasketing Lab/Product Assembly North).

Prior to that, various high school and college ‘joe jobs’.