“Corvus, Jackdaw, & Rook”

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EDIT: Below, originally posted 2018-12-30 @ 14:07 EST:

The Rook & Pawn, a “Board Game Cafe”: http://www.therookandpawn.com/

Love the name of this place, love the concept of this place.

I stumbled across it by googling names at random, to see what already exists.

I’m a lowly blue-collar tax-paying shlub. Listening to “This American Life” show this morning about libraries revived an old dream of sorts: of owning and operating my own combination “pub/chess/HeroClix shop”.

I was thinking of the name and symbol of such a pub/shop. Been thinking of “Rooks”, both the chess piece and the bird, incorporating both into a logo.

Anyway, name variant of “rook and pawn” crept into my head, so I had to Google it, because it sounded too good to not exist already as a name. And, well, it exists. Very cool.

Sidebar: there’s already a local game/comics shop named “Infinite Monkey”, but had also toyed with names like “Atomic Monkey” (because logos started appearing for it in my mind’s eye), but there’s one of those out there, too.

Chess/Pub: I often look at some of the stuff my more “maker/hacker” coworkers like to do with 3D printers and freeware like TinkerCAD, and it gets me dreaming about the Chess/HeroClix/Pub idea, and having a side business within in, involving servers, 3D printers, and paid-interns from the local community college to design and print custom chess pieces/armies.

Of holding tournaments, for both what I call “20th Century Chess” (or “Chess 20c”) and tournaments using Sirlin Games “Chess 2: The Sequel” rules (which I think of as “Chess 21c” or “21st Century Chess”).

Disclosure: been a fan of chess since my Dad taught me as a kid. But I suck at it. I also suck at HeroClix. Love it, too.

EDIT: I don’t miss being single. I’m blessed, lucky, to have found my Love, my fiance, whom I’ll be marrying very, very soon. [EDIT (2019-01-22): And as of 2019-01-01, she became my Wife. 🙂 ]

I do miss the “game room” I had set up while I was single and living completely alone. It was my “Den”, my “man-cave”, my “Sanctum Sanctorum”, my “Citadel Dominion”, a place of my own, where I had the Time & Space where I could engage some sort of hybridized low-brow intellectual and artistic pursuits: PBS, NPR, Joseph Campbell, post-industrial superhero mythomanes, philosophaster of my own plane.

I guess with the idea of a business, of a Pub that also sells Chess paraphernalia and HeroClix, that I’d have a secure place to Pursue Life, Liberty, & Happiness with some “regular familiar strangers” as well.

Probably a terrible idea, though.

EDIT II: Hmmmm,…. “Jackdaw & Rook”??

(Yeah, I don’t know why I have a fascination with Raven-like birds either. My fascinations with monkeys, apes, turtles, octopi, and cuttlefish are at least a bit more “mainstream”. They’d probably conjure better names and symbols as well…)

EDIT II: Went down to N.C. with my fiance. While there, visited a game store called “Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne”. Made it sound like a law firm.

Maybe “Corvus, Jackdaw, & Rook”? People might think it’s a specialty pet store or something, tho.


HeroClix Rules Update & Rules Structure| HeroClix

HeroClix Rules Update: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/25/rules-update/

HeroClix Rules Structure: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/25/heroclix-structure/

*whew* Man. Changes, changes. Shows how difficult the job is. Glad they’re upfront, transparent about it all.

 Well, I’d downloaded all the new rules docs on Tuesday, but hadn’t yet really dove in and read anything but the Powers & Abilities Card, and some stuff in the Rules Forum on Team Abilities, so I’m glad for early corrections.

WizKids’ Rules Forum: HeroClix: Team Abilities – 2017

ZOMG, they changed/tweaked quite a freaking bit!


  • HATE that the Serpent Society team ability symbol has disappeared completely.
  • HATE that are not showing the “Minions of Doom” (Marvel brand) or the “Calculator” (DC Comics brand) team ability symbols.

I assume they will appear in this “Past Rules” thing they’ll be doing, but I’m fuzzy about how they’re doing it.

Could have just kept the symbols, changed the definitions. Wondering why they didn’t. Did it cost money in licensing the images or something?

“Yes, but what about ‘HeroClix Dinosaurs’?”

Above is a photo I took back in 2010. I was living on my own, and where I  was living was roomy enough that I set up a “game room”. It was dominated by HeroClix. 

In the picture (which I’d posted to this blog at one point), I’d taken some extra Marvel and DC HeroClix dials, cut off the sculpts, then removed the sculptures from some of WizKids’ HorrorClix “The Lab” set’s Velociraptors I’d managed to get, and glued them to the bases; made my own HeroClix-compatible “mods”. Still have them.

Why bring this up? 

Well, WizKids has been flirting with the idea of making a set or two of HeroClix figures with in-house ideas, rather than relying on official licenses, as they do when using characters from Marvel comics and movies, DC comics and movies, various videogames, et cetera. 

Looks like one idea will hit games and comics shops soon: HeroClix “UNDEAD”. 

I’m excited. In a way that other attempts, like reviving its “MageKnight” brand (the game that gave WizKids its start, which lead to HeroClix) hasn’t been able to do.

UNDEAD looks to be a smaller number of chatacters, “generic” (mostly), in single figure ‘foil packs’. Sounds perfect. 

Why? Sounds like it will be completely compatible with HeroClix, which provides thematic adversaries for our Heroes in HeroClix to combat. The superhero genre is such a mash-up of genres — sci-fi, cosmic/space opera, magic, fantasy, pulp crime, horror, et cetera — it makes sense and provides more options for players. 

Sidenote: I do hope WizKids keeps licenses to continue to produce at least the Marvel characters, but have to admit, the current pace of Marvel and DC releases is crushing to keep up with, and despite never-before-clixed characters finally seeing the light of day and some wonderful dial design, it also feels “diluted”, with so many versions of the same ‘marquee’ characters showing up every year. (And certain characters caught in licensing limbo, like Marvel’s Fantastic Four, making no appearances at all due to legal rights battles.)

Would love to see some other “generics” see publishing as HeroClix, given the “UNDEAD treatment”, so to speak. The old HorrorClix line’s “The Lab” set was chock-full of mad scientists, clones, aliens, cat-people, lizard-people, insect-people, mutates, dinosaurs, robots, apes, and even haunted spacesuits. Theme-y fun.

EDIT: ChessClix, an idea I’ve wanted to see for awhile: do-able as a foil-pack gravity feed set? Had alway imagined them as 100% compatible with HeroClix, just with a “rulez overlay” for playing pieces as thier own game, as “ChessClix”. 


Rules | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/gameplay/rules-format/

Been patiently waiting for WizKids to release the 2017 rules for HeroClix. Chomping at the bit, really.

Re-reading the 2017 articles on the changes, linked above.

Print and Play | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/print-and-play/

…….meanwhile, what the hell is this?—

HeroClix Archive | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/products/heroclix-archive/

HeroClix 2017 Rules 12: Reader Feedback! And Rules Tweaks! | HeroClix

HeroClix 2017 Rules 12: Reader Feedback! And Rules Tweaks! | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/29/heroclix-2017-rules-12-reader-feedback/

WOW. ZOMG. Changes just keep coming.

The revised-revised rule concerning heavy objects and line of fire is even simpler. Too bad about Hide. Q: could Hide reappear as a Tiny symbol ability for line of fire to Tint characters thru light objects?

Mind Control: i actually think there should be feedback damage. But, chance it, via a die roll. 1 in 6 for one target, 2 in 6 for 2 targets, etc.; *successfully hit* targets, that is.

Cool stuff, tho.

EDIT: Concerning ‘Mind Control‘ —

Back when I used to at least frequent the “General Discussion” forum on HCRealms.com (instead of lurking about the “U.S. Politics” forum or just reading articles and fiddling about the UNITS section), one of the most-frequent laments about Mind Control was that you had to first successfully hit your MC target (s), then your “thrall” had to try to hit another targeted character.

Maybe WizKids Game Design Team could play with that instead? The way they have it worded now for 2017 is great. But maybe allowing the MC’er either a +1 during the MC ‘attack’ would help ease the transition? Or, allowing the MC’er a choice of either modifying his attack, or if he successfully hits without using modifiers, the “thrall’s” attack roll gets the modifier?

Hmmm. How to word it…?

EDIT (2017-06-03): Spelling corrected, one missing word added, tages added, ‘color change’ made; nothing else.

fusillade: Word of the Day from Dictionary.com http://www.dictionary.com/wordoftheday/2017/03/06

Thinking about Wizkids’ Game Design Team articles concerning the 2017 changes to the HeroClix Core Rules. 

Thinking about this “keyphrase abilities” thing. 

Thinking about the Flurry standard power, how the wording will be.

Thinking about the “Duo” symbol, and what “keyphrase abilty” it might access.

Thinking about the word “Fusillade”, how it’s been used as the name of at least one Special Power for one of the “archer” type characters. And that power has seen slight variations under different names. Candidate for a standardized “keyphrase ability”?

Anyway, I may not be any kind of “contributor” to the game — I’m just a nobody out on the fringes of the game and the fan community — but I’m a fan, and really looking forward to the 2017 core rules, and powers and abilities card. I am a paying consumer of the game, willing supporter. Wish i could contribute more.

HeroClix 2017 Rules 3: Timing | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/06/heroclix-2017-rules-3-timing/

Wow. That’s awesomely elegant. (Too bad Poison as a standard power gets ‘nerfed’, but i get what they are talking about with ‘corner issues’ and streamlining, and they state they will address the relative ‘power levels’ of Standard Powers, so, cool.)

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force Update | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/03/marvel-heroclix-deadpool-and-x-force-update/

Well. Hope I don’t have that problem….

WizKids Begins Introducing Players to 2017 HeroClix Core Rules Changes

“HeroClix 2017 Rules 0: Introduction and Goals” from Wednesday, 2017-03-01.

“HeroClix 2017 Rules 1: New Rules Language” posted today, Thursday, 2017-03-02.

I’m super-excited! Yes, the changes this year look to revolve almost — almost — exclusively around streamlining language to help new players learn retain depth of tactics/strategy for veteran players, and reduce loophole-abuse. But, they hint at the the continued healthy evolution of the game.

I’m very much looking forward to more.

Sidebar: Although they won’t be ‘rebalancing’ standard powers deliberately, it does make me itch to get back to doing my own amateur ‘tinkering’ with the standard power effects. Thanks to a certain non-HeroClix game — the “Marvel PuzzleQuest” game — been thinking a lot about how standard powers could ‘scale’ based on the relative ‘power’ of a clix, as indicated by the piece’s point value. WizKids’ Game Design Team introduced the inspiration some years ago with the introduction of Ultra Heavy Objects, and the restriction of only characters with Super Strength and worth 100 points or more being able to pick them up.

As I’ve posted before with my own ‘tinkering’ of Close Combat Expert, I’ve been wanting to see an effect that allows a character to use that modifier on its defense value. I’m trying to tease-out how that might be worded now, and it’s a fun little brain-teaser I haven’t worked out yet….

Sidebar II: I still crave a subscription-based service (again, taking MPQ as inspiration, I’d pay $9.99 per month for) a ‘souped-up UNITS section’ that’s better than HCRealms.com’s, with each character entry set up in a similar manner to the character card previews WizKids posts, and where the language for existing cards is updated, and new cards are ‘issued’ for ‘pre-character card era’ clix, and revisions tracked. I will continue to dream…

Edit (2017-03-09):

HeroClix 2017 Rules 4: As a Free Action | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/08/heroclix-2017-rules-4-as-a-free-action/

As a “HeroClix Rules Aficionado”, I approve of the streamlining and clarification of the article, and charts can be handy tools. 

Shared from WordPress: “Quantum Chess”

Quantum Chess – http://wp.me/p2zxm3-1TD

Fun article, brain-tingling game! (Seems that way to this blue-collar layman, anyway.)

EDIT: http://quantumrealmgames.com/


MARVEL Chess Collection: https://www.marvel-chess-usa.com/

O. M. G! Had zero-idea this existed. (Shows how disconnected I am from most everything.) Can’t believe this. Wonderful. Individually designed chess figures based on Marvel Comics super-characters.

Apparently, DC Comics is doing the same thing. Very cool.


Back on Father’s Day, my own Dad (and my Mom) encouraged me to get out of my ‘comfort zone’ and head down from Elyria to Columbus, visit ORIGINS’ last day at the convention center. I did so. (Thanks, Mom & Dad.) [Sidebar: Something happened to my smartphone that day, the mini-USB port managed to fry itself, and I’d rapidly depleted my battery before I’d realized what was wrong. Aspect of modern living, I suppose, but I found my self being really, really anxious not having a smartphone — and access to *everything* — for few days. That smartphone is still unrepaired, as I try to find parts for a decent price. Broke down and simply bought a new phone, intending to turn my old phone into a back-up phone and a portable data storage instead.]

So, great breakfast with my Dad and my brother that morning, then a couple hours milling around ORIGINS, a great mildly-scenic drive both ways, and in the evening the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA finals. Good day, good day. (Considering the state of the world as a whole, full of death and pain, misery and destruction.)

Anyway, at ORIGINS, had stopped by the WizKids’ booth, scooped-up the Convention Exclusive HeroClix that were on sale. Cools.

*AND*, bought a couple games! New to me, but they’ve all been out for awhile.

Stumbled across someone demonstrating Onitama, was floored by its elegance and simplicity (chess-like, but with cards simulating fantasy martial arts moves, with which any piece can be moved), and scooped it up.

Along the same lines, stumbled across and bought QIN, another Asian-inspired and themed game, a map-tile-building kind of abstracted strategic game. They also had a separately-sold double-sided ‘advanced’ game board — Qin: “Toad” and “Dragon Turtle” Game Boards — which I then ‘had to have’.

I look forward to trying to teach my nephews both (hopefully my niece as well; she’s at That Age ™ [teenager]).

I have WizKids’ original of Tsuro. Wishing I’d spotted the Calliope Games revised version Tsuro of the Seas, or its add-on pack, Tsuro of the Seas: Veterans of the Seas. Would love to add the ‘updates’ to my collection, eventually play with my nephews.

Haven’t seen anything like what was done with Tsuro being done with another older WizKids’ board game called Oshi. WizKids had to sell-off a lot of properties back when parent company TOPPS dumped them, and NECA bought-up WizKids. Oshi’s ‘pushing’ gameplay reminds me of a different, older game called Arimaa. Both are ‘stable staples’ of my collection, my ‘library’.

All of these ‘abstrated strategy games’ make me think of revisiting and tinkering with “ChessClix”. They put me in mind of not only traditional (20th century standardized) Chess and various ‘chess variants’, but of the amazing 21st century “Chess 2” rules (which is free, but you should ‘leave a tip’ for to help), as well as the older Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2.

Mulling ideas, various ‘levels of play’ or ‘formats’, permutations…..

“ToySoldierClix” & “ChessClix” (v1.1)

Still mulling over this HCRealms.com thread tossing HeroClix set ideas around. It inspired me to do this “OspreyClix” (military history HeroClix) post. The thread’s gone ‘deep into the weeds’ over the non-DC Comics and non-Marvel Comics ideas, especially videogame-based licenses.

I still can’t get the ‘military history idea out of my head. Mostly because of the potential for ‘generics’, that ‘slice’ of HeroClix figures that are supposed to represent the ‘anonymous cannon fodder’ present in all manner of storytelling, as opposed to the specifically-named protagonists and antagonists and supporting characters.

This morning, the thought occurred to me while browsing the toy aisles in Wal*Mart (which I like to do after I’ve picked up the actual, real-world necessities life requires; I didn’t buy anything): “Army Men“, the little plastic “toy soldiers“. I still like the thought of WizKids putting out a “set of Fast Forces” once a year of such ‘generics’.

Looking at the baggies and plastic containers of the cheap “army men” soldiers in the Wal*Mart toy aisle — near some of the non-poseable superhero figures — made me think again of the “ChessClix” idea, of putting out completed clix-figures that were unpainted, the sculpt’s plastic done in all one color. For ChessClix, one ‘side’ of the chess board usually is black, the other white. Was originally imagining the ChessClix army sculpts being stylized medieval/gothic looking. But to expand the game, create new styles of dials or ‘armies’ based on subjects more-fantastic, with sculpts being done without paint and in solid colors — mythic beasts (color of plastic could be a stony gray plastic, like granite statues), Amazons (blue? rose?), 1930’s/40’s/50’s sci-fi or contemporary sci-fi or Japanese cartoon sci-fi or whatever (orange? yellow?), heck re-use all the sculpts from the old “The Lab” HorrorClix set (blood red!).

So, again, “OspreyClix” or “ToySoldierClix”: A ‘set” of five Fast Forces, each FF of 5 to 6 clix figures each. Examples: One of WWII U.S. Army soldiers (green); one of feudal era Japanese samurai (red?); cowboys (brown?); Celtis warriors (tan?); Spartan soldiers (blue?).

All could become part of a HeroClix “Kang’s Crosstime Army”. Yesss….

As pointed out above, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres could see generics.

Army Men Brainfood



HeroClix Tinkering: Defend (v1.1)

2014 PAC Defend

Just doing a bit more of my amateur “HeroClix Tinkering”. Playin’ with some stuff.

HCT-2016 “DEFEND”: Any adjacent friendly character may replace its defense value with this character’s unmodified defense value. Give this character a power action. UNIQUE MODIFIER: This character and one adjacent friendly character may modify its defense value by +1 against close attacks until the beginning of your next turn.

Really wondering what WizKids Game Design is up to with the “Core Rules”. We’ve been seeing glimpses of possible tweaks and streamlining via language on character cards of certain recent releases, plus the changes to Carry and various size-related rules prior to the release of the DC Comics HeroClix WORLD’S FINEST set.

Although they aren’t including whole power or ability definitions, known changes can be found here — WizKids’ Rules Forum: Powers And Abilities Errata & Clarifications


Favorite Discontinued Elements? – HeroClix Realms: http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?&p=8549591#post8549591

Fun thread.
I don’t mis Feat cards. I do wish they had optional “Feat” effects available on character cards (said that here before).
Battlefield Condition cards: I miss the effects, not the way you had to use them. Love what WF9 and Avengersman89 came up with, a new “sequence”. (Have said before on this blog, though, about printing a selection of optional BFC effects on maps, appropriate to the maps, numbered for a random die roll. Would prefer that.)
Definitely agree about standardized language for Alter Ego and Morph and Weapon Swap effects.  And Web mechanics. And Grenade mechanics.
Ah, Event Dials.
Good discussion.

DC HeroClix SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: “Brutaal” preview over on heroclix.com

With a set name like SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, you had to see this guy coming —

DC17-Brutaal-019bMan, that the effect provided by “Spawn of Apokolips” Trait should have been on pretty much every HC Superman, ever. Too bad that couldn’t be the definition of the Superman Ally team ability.

Or, maybe it could? Playing a lot of D3 GO!’s “Marvel PuzzleQuest” game. The “conditional” effects of many of the powers sported by characters in that game has me rethinking some of the “standard” Team Abilities in HeroClix.

I’m of the opinion that the Superman Ally TA should have become “Superman/Superman Ally”. Have a definition that has two effects: one effect is for characters with the Kryptonian keyword (I think it should combine the above “Outwit immunity” Trait, or a variation of it, with the traditional “Imporved” Movement and Targeting effects for ignoring hindering terrain of the old TA definition) and not copyable by wildcards; the other effect would be different, for characters with the TA but *not* Kryptonian, and be copyable (maybe a “summoning” power, so said character could place a Kryptonian already on your team adjacent?).

Worth examining, maybe tinkering…..

Could be interesting.

HeroClix Tinkering: Close Combat Expert & Ranged Combat Expert (v1.1)


Was ruminating a bit last night bout two completely different games: WizKids’ HeroClix (a tactical/startegy game using miniatures with a “combat dial” system; my favorite themes involve the superhero genre, particularly the Marvel Comics and DC Comics brands) and D#’s “Marvel Puzzle Quest” (the version I play is a mobile app-based “Match 3” puzzle game, with “role-playing game” inflections using characters from Marvel Comics).

Was marveling (ha-ha) at how D3 is able to revise/update characters. Characters like thier version of Doctor Octopus, for example: There’s a “story event” coming up that involves him, so I took some time to re-read his character’s powers. I’ve had the character in my inventory, but have only used him when required to do so. He’s one of those characters who’ve been continually revised by D3, and now appears to be much more useful than when I first added him to my “collection”.

This invariably got me thinking about HeroClix, how the game ages, how vital continued stream-lining, additions, and other refinements are so necessary. (It also prompted me to look up a certain competing game called “Golem Arcana”, seen here — http://golemarcana.com/. Check it out. I’m not buying into it, but it’s got some cool stuff that could be applied to HeroClix via mobile-based apps.)

WizKids Game Design Team has done a great job over the years refining/reengineering the system. It shows up in changes to the “Core” rules and the Powers & Abilities Card, plus supplemental documentation. It also shows up in the figure design, which is where I get annoyed. I hate it that stuff I spent good, hard-earned money on is near-useless in the modern game.

And it’s mainly centered on the statistical values representing Speed, Attack, Defense, Damage, and to a much lesser extent, Range. A lot of the initial designs have very low stats, and the progression of the stats down the dial for the inaugural sets meant stats values dropped rapidly. There was also the “psychology” of low numbers. And trying to figure out “what’s it all mean, really?!”

Over the years at least, stats over the length of the dial have “steadied”. Dial lengths have shortened, though. And, I assume< some of the common stat combinations are influenced by an almost “pen-&-paper RPG”-like attempt at discerning “What’s *normal*?” Speaking just to Attack and Defense values, 8/16, 8/17, and 9/17 are in the “average healthy human with some combat training or experience” range. Going higher, you progress through “exceptionally skilled”, through “peak human”, and then into the various levels of “superhuman”.

IMHO, anyway. YMMV. Still not sure what the “normal/baseline” should be for Speed or Damage.

“So, what in the heck does this have to do with your thread title, GZ?” Well, the “stat modification” game effects. I like to routinely go back through the PAC, think about efficacy, simplicity, and applicability. How the game can continually be advanced with changes to the “basic” or “core” powers and abilities. Trick is making the changes make sense. They have to “scale” well, to the type of characters and the types of powers they represent.

Been considering a lot lately, as a fan of the game and an amateur “designer” [NOTE: I’m not a game designer; just a schmuck on the sideline]. Some players think every standard power should have both a “passive” effect and an “active” effect (that requires declaring some sort of action). I used to think that, but am no longer sure *every* standard power should have such.

So, let’s get into Ranged Combat Expert [RCE] and Close Combat Expert [CCE]. I only bring up Perplex for the “baseline” its effects have helped to set. Feel free to try these “homemade tinkers” to your home games, see if they seem balanced. —

RANGED COMBAT EXPERT Give this character a power action. It makes a ranged combat attack against a single target character; before making the attack, you may modify any one of the following combat values by +2, or any two combat values by +1: Attack, Damage, Range. Instead, give this character a double power action. The above targeting restrictions apply, but the character may modify any two combat values by +2; the character then modifies its defense value by -2 until your next turn.

INTENT: The character is off to the side, focused on the target. This attack is “specialized”. The character gives no thought to close threats, and may accidentally make itself vulnerable.

CLOSE COMBAT EXPERT Give this character a power action. It makes a close combat attack against a single opposing target character; before making the attack you may modify any one of the following combat values by +2, or any two combat values by +1: Attack, Defense (effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn), Damage.

INTENT: The character is pushing its melee expertise to its limit, hoping to either stay in the fight as long as he/she/it can (the “passive” Defense effect), or putting the opponent down quickly.

[For Reference: PERPLEX Give this character a free action to modify by +1 or –1 any combat value of a target character until the beginning of your next turn. A character using this power must be within range (minimum range 6) and line of fire to the target. If a target character is damaged or healed, the effect of Perplex on that character ends immediately.]

What do you think?

Brewing similar stuff up for Phasing/Teleport, Stealth, Energy Shield/Deflection, etc.

EDIT (2015-09-27): Looks like I didn’t make one of the points I was trying to make. Allow me to try again.

I’ll try by way of analogy: Consider the HeroClix “figure” to be the “hardware.” Consider the Core Rules as the “operating” system. The Character Card for the figure as an “app”…?

Once a figure is “published”, it’s what we deal with. Updating Character Cards — or creating Cards for previously uncarded characters — can help older figures retain play value.

Random ideas (v1.1)

They’ve posted a link to YouTube video of this past weekend’s “WizKids Allaince Open House 2015” presentation, showcasing 2016 WK products: http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showpost.php?p=8460081&postcount=1


Was rereading a team-build strategy article over on heroclix.com — http://heroclix.com/strategy-article/marvel-heroclix-captain-america-twenty-first-century-blitz-strategy/
Fun article. Very glad WizKids is keeping up with the blog as well.

The Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set has been great. I’ve kept my pulls arrayed on my desk at home, randomly plucking figures and cards out to read and ponder the possibilities. It’s about time to finish recording what I have, though, and get them stored properly. I’ll keep them out one more weekend, check the budget, see if I can afford to snag a few more singles off of T&T to pad-out my roster.

With recent real-life events, including but not limited to circumstances necessitating purchase of another vehicle, I’m finally reducing the amount of money I’m spending on HeroClix. I am happy to finally make these changes.

THE PLAN: To continue to buy the same amount of Marvel HeroClix (but, reducing “blind” purchases and buying singles instead, to round-out my rosters more quickly), and stop buying any “blind” DC Comics HeroClix. I haven’t pre-ordered any of the SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN “blind” regular boosters. Not one booster, brick, or case. I *did* pre-order two of the non-blind Fast Forces tied to it, though.

I’m not sure how others spend money on the game, what the most-typical budgeting strategies are. But, I’ve supported this game a lot via my dollar. Past time to ratchet the “Please don’t let the game die!” Panicked Fanatic-level spending back.

Conundrum: I believe this game survives on the strength of a continually refined game “engine” and broad character selection. WizKids may have had to “force” the more competetive tournament players to keep buying new stuff with “Modern” and “Storyline Organized Play” formats over the decade-plus since the game’s debut, but I’ve continued to buy based on both popular and “obscure” (to the general public/casual comics fan) characters, and the continued evolution of the game. It seems to me the rarity-level scheme and the “blind booster” model have helped this somewhat; the need to provide something “special” at different “levels of difficulty” to aquire has been best suited to “blind” product. I assume, anyway.

I do wonder what would happen if: (1) WizKids only used the “blind booster” model for Storyline Organized Play releases (recent examples: Marvel HeroClix FEAR ITSELF and AGE OF ULTRON events, and DC Comics HeroClix WAR OF LIGHT), and (2) approached its Fast Forces as more like “sets of Fast Forces”.

To elaborate:

  • Release a “set of Fast Forces” twice a year.
  • Each “set” has a character selection as broad as traditional/recent “blind sets”, but with each FF having characters that for a cohesive team/force right out of the package (“duh,” right?).
  • Like buying a case of action figures, one “case” of FF’s would have one of each Fast Force, plus a “Starter Pack” (that would *just* be Rulebook, Powers & Abilities Card, and two double-sided maps).
  • Each FF would have characters only found in that FF.
  • Recommend varying the amount of figures in each FF, then “pad” the FF accordingly. Ex.: Mole Man and Moloids team in one FF, consisting of Mole
  • Example: If the recent NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set had been done this way (and we probably wouldn’t have seen “sculpt re-use” and “A & B” variations).
  • We’ll assume the “Agents of SHIELD” FF would have stayed the same (the other representations that appeared in the 5-figure boosters, then, either wouldn’t have appeared, or those dials could have been part of a “split-dial/multiple starting line” design, or SwitchClix).
  • Two Hydra-themed FF’s: (1) Imperial Hydra, the modern twist on Viper, Agent H, and two Hydra Recruits, maybe Madame Hydra. (2) Hive (poker chip tokens for his “Parasites”?), Kraken, Hydra Section Chief, two Hydra Field Agents, and one Hydra Infiltrator (with Annihil-Agent split-dial?)
  • “Villains”: Dr. Demonicus (with “poker chip” tokens for the monsters he “summons”?), Blackwing, Blackout, Man-Killer.
  • Invaders FF: (1) Whizzer, Ms. America, Spitfire, Union Jack, Radiance, U.S.Agent. (I like Blazing Skull, but he could have waited for another set.)
  • Another SHIELD-themed FF, but probably dropping a lot of the “generics” (pains me to say that, since I like generic-fodder), but one with Peggy Carter (kept as “Prime”), 60’s Nick Fury, Dum-Dum Dugan, Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, and a couple other would have been cool.
  • Golden Claw vs. Jimmy Woo. Would have been cool to have either Agents of Atlas, or stick with a 50’s/60’s theme for both. Each would have two “allies” of some sort.

………… Or any other variations.

There were a lot of character in NFAOSHIELD. A lot of great Super-Rares, too, and the new Vehicles. And the “Build-A-Clix” Hulkbuster Mk II with mechanics for that set’s Iron Man. And the ID Cards…. Drat. My idea just fell apart. Well, keeping this post anyway