Concern About Global Warming Among Americans Spikes, Report Says : NPR

Concern About Global Warming Among Americans Spikes, Report Says : NPR:

U.N. Climate Report Offers Grim New Forecast : NPR:

NASA Satellite Uses Lasers To Help Scientists Understand How Quickly Polar Ice Is Melting | Here & Now:


Trump Unveils Ambitious Missile Defense Plans : NPR

Trump Unveils Ambitious Missile Defense Plans : NPR:

Hi. I’m a lowly blue-collar tax-paying voter and self-identified “Purple Republican”.

I didn’t vote for Trump and never will.

I disagree with much of his shenanigans.

Do agree with: Space Force and Missile Defense. Pushes innovavtions in STEM here at home. “Trickle-Down Economics” has always been a hoax proliferated by wannabe-oligarchs, but human civilization has always benefited from “trickle-down effects” of STEM breakthroughs into business.

(Sidebar: fear of automation is overblown. We need it. Automation is a system of tools. Tools have no use without us.)

Block-Chain Markets & Environmental Solutions (??)

A Small Plastic Package Is A Big Culprit Of The Waste Filling Oceans : NPR:


So where did all this plastic come from? Well, let’s go back to the 1940s. …. Plastic for consumers was growing in popularity. Manufacturers raced to find ways to fashion it into things people would buy. Plastic was lightweight, inexpensive, flexible. …. But much of it could not be recycled, and people in the industry knew that. At the first National Conference on Packaging Waste held in San Francisco in 1969, some executives wondered, where is all this plastic going to end up? One marketing consultant said that wasn’t their problem. Difficulties with plastic waste, quote, “are not the responsibility of those who produce materials, fabricate packages or package goods” – unquote. Rather, he said, it’s the consumer’s responsibility. So manufacturers just urged people not to litter and kept pumping out new kinds of plastic with yet more uses.


Personal blue-collar tax-paying voter opinions:

Was thinking about plastic waste. Was thinking about how amazing it is, modern technologies and manufacturing, how we can make all this.

Was thinking about how — in business thinking throughout Human History — “makers” and “job-creators” want to make and sell, and the responsibility of the waste or pollution produced is someone else’s problem. It has to be, in order to be profitable in the market.

Was thinking about some of the Freakonomics Radio episodes I like re-listening to.

The “environmentalist prophets versus the techno-wizards” is a favorite.

The recent one with Andrew Yang is another.

I don’t like BitCoin or other “crypto-currencies”, as they aren’t backed by the “full faith and credit” of We the People, or any People. Love the security possibilities of Block Chain, though.

And Andrew Yang’s twist of combining a crypto-currency with the “checks and balances”/power-sharing/”full faith and credit” of the goverment backing of a “time bank digital credit system”.

The Market ™ is usually only concerned with The Dollar and the profits it needs.

Human Civilization has more needs to fulfill, stuff the profit-seeking markets find no value in, but which need to be managed nonetheless.

Yang’s “time bank digital credits” tjing is one “currency system” that could help. Emphasis is on person-to-person, community-level needs.

Running parallel to that, maybe at the “state and national needs” level, another crypto-currency system could be set up? For companies and institutions? More robust than “simply” a carbon-credits system? One to set up a parallel economy to help not “simply” recycle, but to “unmake” that which was made, turning waste back into useable resources?

Worth thinking about? Worth experimenting with? Carefully?

We, the U.S. of A., pride ourselves on dynamic innovation. The States are supposedly Laboratories of Freedom and Innovation. Our Pioneering Spirit and sense of competition took us to the moon once.

Have we become so “conservative” that we can’t experiment anymore?

Seems like civilizations die, resting too comfortably on their laurels…..

Okay, so, the 2020 election cycle has started.
Trump is running on Security.

He wants a Great Wall to run along the U.S. border with Mexico, from Pacific Ocean shores to Gulf of Mexico shores, through the mountainous areas as well as through desert areas, through urban and rural areas.

Wall will stop flow of illegal migrants, from farm laborers to gangsters, I guess.
I assume he thinks it will stop the flow of illegal narcotics as well.
(Unlikely. Drug traffickers seem to relay heavily on physically concealing/disguising drugs and corrupting personnel to smuggle drugs into the country.)

U.S. taxpayers will be footing the bill for building the Great Wall.
Who owns the land the wall will be built on? How will they be compensated?
Who will design and build it?
Who will we be buying materials from?
Beyond costs to build, what are projections for 100 years of maintaining and repairing this bit of infrastructure?
How will that be funded?

Trump comes from the real estate and development sector.
How will he run the details of this project?

If he’s against raising taxes, especially on the rich, to pay for it, where will the money come from?
How much will be diverted from existing infrastructure and law-enforcement and defense budgets to do this?

We need detailed answers.
And to hear the questions and answers repeatedly, every time, for the next two years.

I don’t know if either “wing” of the mainstream media is up for that.

EDIT: I’ve got Google Maps and Google Earth up.
Looking at what I can of existing border wall/barrier.
Boggles my mind.


Opinion: Migrant Girl’s Death Reveals A Need For More Interpreters Along The Border : NPR:

See, it seems to me we need a better network of roads and installations along the border, combination of military, law-enforcement, customs, correction/detention, scientific research and linguistic university annexes, medical services, and communication technologies.

SPACE, 2019, 2018, & 1968

China Becomes First Country To Land On Far Side Of Moon, State Media Announces : NPR:

1968: When Apollo 8 First Orbited The Moon And Saw The Earth Rise In Space : NPR:

2018: A Big Year In Space : NPR:

From The Milky Way To ‘Oumuamua, 2018 Was A Busy Year In Space | Here & Now:


Lucianne Walkowicz: Should We Be Using Mars As A Backup Planet? : NPR:

Chinese Space Lab Crashes To Earth : The Two-Way : NPR:

Google’s Space Race To The Moon Ends, And Nobody Wins Lunar X Prize : The Two-Way : NPR:

President Trump Is Sending NASA Back To The Moon : The Two-Way : NPR:

The Room of Requirement:

[Love Libraries. Remember hanging out as a kid in my elementary school library, then the junior high library, then the high school library, or at the city public library, what is currently the “main branch”, although I hear it may be torn down soon. I spent a lot of time when I was still single and living alone at one of the other branches of the city public library close to where I was living. My parents took me to church when Iwas a kid, and I’d even sing in the choir, but I had more profound experiences and thoughts on God at libraries. It was there, after bouts of agnosticism I tried to convince myself was atheism, that I read up on the “secularism” and “Deism” of some our country’s Founders, and decided I was a Modern Deist, and leaned in on my Constitutionally-protected inalienable rights of Freedom of Speech, Thought, and Expression to learn about what others thought, and figure out what I think, what I believe.]

[Sidebar: I love NPR, PBS, Online Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia, and all manner of publicly available “life-long education resources”. A “lifeblood of democracy”.]


The Public Library: The People’s University? on JSTOR:

Saving American History | BackStory with the American History Guys:

16-Year-Old Set To Graduate From Kansas High School And Harvard University : NPR

16-Year-Old Set To Graduate From Kansas High School And Harvard University : NPR:

Really cool story about a “Wiz-Kid”.

Kinda disappointed he wants to become a politician some day. But, maybe that’s just me. Hopefully, he becomes — or is — an adult of character, someone morally and ethically upright, humble and kind (as the song goes), not “just” highly intelligent.

Seems like we’ve got a lot of genuinely intelligent as well as “think they’re clever” types in positions of power/influence all around the world, including some ruthless overzealous types, and they’re so myopic and driven, they’re wrecking things.

We shall see.

The Revolutionary Doctor Who Made New York ‘New York’

The Revolutionary Doctor Who Made New York ‘New York’:

The Doctor Who Saved Hamilton’s Son’s Life:

Dr. David Hosack: we needto celebrate more “heroes of science”, IMO. He needs more than a plaque. Too bad Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area couldn’t be turned into a modern botanical research/education/garden facility. American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic (9781631494192): Victoria Johnson: Books:

“Technology Tree Yggdrasil”

Open Scientific Collaboration May Be Helping North Korea Cheat Nuclear Sanctions : NPR:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ‘Accessory To War’ An Uncomfortable Wake-Up Call For Some : NPR:


We — Humanity, Human Civilization — managed to land another probe on Mars last month:

NASA Probe Lands Safely On Martian Surface : NPR:

…. it’s been such an amazing year for Humanity in the areas of exploration and discovery and learning beyond our little planet. Hopefully, leads to reflection about where we are now in other areas of Humanity’s and Civilization’s existence. Where we’ve been, where we are now, where we’re heading.




Ohio: I love my state.

Term-Limited, Out-Going Governor John Kasich has been trying to woo Elon Musk and Tesla to the state, hopefully to take over automotive plants GM plans to shutdown.

I’m all for it.

Ohio, the U.S. in general, and Tesla have to realize something, though: the infrastructure isn’t “there” yet for all-electric vehicles.

Tesla: IMO: for now, we need plug-in hybrid “crossover” SUVs and trucks. Probably for the next 20-30 years.

Need private industry to work with government here in the state on infrastructure. Including building codes. Not unrealistic to me that by a certain date, say, statewide housing regulations might require that all new-build homes with attached garages also have a standardize power outlet with plug-in hybrids in mind. As a suggestion.

Ohio wants to lead the way in self-driving vehicle tech. We are in competition with not only California in that, but also Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, IIRC.

But that’s a good thing. Kind of “California term” comes to mind: “cooperative competition” or “cooper-tition”.

Private industry and state governments need to collaborate on advancing all these research and manufacturing areas. Figure out how to keep innovation moving forward without bankrupting the public. Need to keep civilization rolling forward.

Trump and Taxes: The Art of the Dodge | Trump, Inc. | WNYC Studios:

How Trump Really Got Rich – The New York Times:

Episode 868: Moneyland : Planet Money : NPR:

Shameful. Allegedly patriotic Conservative business people, taking government funding whenever they can, gaming the system to make sure they pay little-to-no taxes, aided and abetted by every elected Congressperson and Senator thru favorable legislation imaginabke, including de-funding of the IRS, underfunding the DOJ, and more.

If our democratic-republic dissolves, collapsing into a bunch of corrupt oligarchy fiefdoms, it’ll because of this cabal of thieves’ greed and short-sightedness.

“Take what you can, give nothing back!”

“Thoughts & Prayers” Aren’t Enough

‘This Is Going To Be Absolutely Heart-Wrenching’: The Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims : NPR:

A Survivor Helps Other Survivors Process The Horrors Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting : NPR:

2018 Mid-Terms

Well, as an Ohioan and “Purple Republican” and a blue-collar tax-paying voting vet, I was going to be happy with either Mike Dewine ir Richard Cordray winning the governor’s seat, as I like them both.

Congratulations to governor-elect Dewine!

Hope you can build bridges among Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, Moderates, Centrists, Greens, Liberals, and Democrats.

I’m leary of the hard-Right, modern “Conservatives”, and “single-party rule”. And I’m really sick of the vicious and self-serving “duopoly” two-party system, but am not sure that’ll be fixed any time within my lifetime.

Good luck, Mr. Dewine. Hope I have good reasons to vote for you in 4 years.

Remembering Cecil And David Rosenthal, Brothers Killed In Synagogue Shooting : NPR:

Northeast Ohio Jewish Community Mourns Pittsburgh Shooting Victims | News | ideastream:

Opinion: the attack was monstrous, horrific. Am heartened to see both the Pittsburgh local community come together, and see the solidarity demonstrated from everywhere else.

Suspect Charged With 29 Federal Counts In Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre : NPR:

What’s Known About Robert Bowers, The Suspect In The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting : NPR:


Fingerprints, DNA And Social Media Posts Helped FBI Identify Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc : NPR:

As FBI Closed In On Bomb Suspect, Mixed Signals From President Trump : NPR:

Blaming Victims For Mail Bombs Carries Echoes Of Civil Rights Bombings : NPR:


This civilian’s opinion: these guys — the shooter, the bomber — were/are domestic terrorists.

Red Brain, Blue Brain | Hidden Brain : NPR

Red Brain, Blue Brain: Nature, Nurture, and Your Politics | Hidden Brain : NPR:


Tom Nichols: Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party – The Atlantic:

[That article was briefly a subject of discussion in the political forum I frequent daily, and got some time devoted to it on NPR.]

[It’s been useful for me, as I think about where I am, politically, socioeconomicly, spiritually, philosophically.]

Large Majorities Dislike Political Correctness – The Atlantic: