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Attempting “Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness” via “Work & Deism”(?)

Sensualism – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensualism

Sentimentality – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentimentality

[Sensualism & Sentimentality. Not a fan. Just as vulnerable to them as any Human animal, maybe more vulnerable. No matter how hard I try to “check and balance” them.]

Empiricism – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empiricism

Positivism – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positivism

[Empiricism & Positivism. Huge fan, actually. Being a deeply flawed Human animal, I’m not as successful in employing these on a daily basis as I’d prefer. Dovetails with my Deism, though.]


Epistemology – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epistemology


Deism – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deism

Age of Enlightenment – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Enlightenment

Deism has been an intensely personal experience for me, bringing me back to God. The tendencies of Human animal behavior, particularly the propensity toward “alpha ape mode” abuse of any power and/or authority, soured me on Religion long ago. Even had me flirting with Atheism for a time, most strongly during my senior year of high school, way back in the 80’s.

My Deism isn’t trapped in the 17th or 18th centuries, however. Don’t believe in some immutable “Clockwork Creation.” Do believe: God is Creator and Created. Matter, Energy, Time, and Space are the “hardware” of Creation, a dynamic system. God exists as Life; where the algorithms of Life gain purchase, Nature (ecosystems) develops. Life consumes Matter, Energy, Time, and Space to help perpetuate itself; also, Life comsumes Life to perpetuate itself. Evolution/Adaptation: Pain and Death are parts of the Cycles of Life. Reason, Ethics, Morality, Science are higher-level tools we have begun to achieve use of; if we can, it’s possible to become more than we are.

Can we do so in a way that is Good? Much of Nature, Evolution, of simple Survival, is not Good. It is what it is. Not Evil. Painful, yes, not Evil. Evil is sometimes an instinctive reaction, but more often a choice, a result of a kind of pessimism and cynicism, an acceptance at some point — maybe not fully conscious, maybe relying on instinctive reaction to a series of situations — that being aggressive and/or violent in someway, consistently, will ensure survival, at least of an individual, sometimes an alliance of individuals.

Since each individual being will eventually die, such Evil is self-defeating. But, individual beings often die having passed on the effects of such Evil, and the Evil perpetuates. Instinctively.

Food for thought.


Anyway. I’m just another stupid monkey.

My Fiance knows it, my Parent and other loved ones and family know it. My Bosses and Coworkers know it.

Just a stupid monkey, waiting to be fired, then removed from existence.

From NPR News: Pruitt Proposes New Rule Defining What Science Can Be Used By EPA https://n.pr/2Jo7Yy2

Opinion: another reason I’ve gradually moved away from so-called “Conservatism” since the 1990’s: what I see as an unGodly anti-science position, and propagandistic, lawyerly tactics of weaponizing concepts like “transparency,” “opportunity,” “choice,” “equity,” and “justice” in order to achieve goals that are diametrically counter to those concepts.

Thor: Ragnarok is a Hilarious Blockbuster About the Evils of Imperialism | Tor.com

Thor: Ragnarok is a Hilarious Blockbuster About the Evils of Imperialism | Tor.com: https://www.tor.com/2017/11/07/thor-ragnarok-is-a-hilarious-blockbuster-about-the-evils-of-imperialism/

Being a Marvel Zombie, sci-fi/superhero fan, and in-general blue-collar guy who likes to continue educating himself on Civilization and the Venn-lime interactions of the spheres of STEM, HAL, & EMC that propel it, I really enjoyed geeking-out to that article. Jist stumbled across it this morning. Excellent, thought-provoking, fun stuff.

I’m not even that big a fan of Thor.

As with BLACK PANTHER, continues to make me ponder Humanity, Civil, Evolution and Nature, and how being Good can be a huge challenge, individually, and in a group. And trying to aspire to Be Good and Do Good after you or your “group” may have done a lot of Bad/Evil thing to get to the “Top”…?

“Tribes.” “Nations.” “Empires.” Generational, evolutionary advancement through cycles of war and subjagation? *shudder* “Fun” to reflect on, in a terrifying way.

EDIT: Wow, never heard of “TOR” but iy is definitely cool site —

“Who are you?”: Black Panther and the Politics of Belonging | Tor.com: https://www.tor.com/2018/02/26/who-are-you-black-panther-and-the-politics-of-belonging/

More ramblings.

I miss having time to think about *everything*. 

Mind you, not going to give up what I have to regain that time. I have a good woman in my life now, going to make her my wife. 

Still. I miss lazy Sundays on my bachelor’s “game room”, with either the TV on some history or science PBS broadcast program, or with NPR on. Tinkering with my HeroClix collection, tinkering with the rules, pondering larger questions about *everything* while I worked on something small.

It was an enjoyable pastime, a hobby. Still is. To a lesser extent. I continue to but, to collect, as a way of supporting human beings, the artists and game designers and engineers, workers and technicians involved in making the game, even if it means certain “souless parasites” who may “own” the IPs may also benefit.

These days, like oscillates between Work and Non-Work responsibilities, with distractions in between, sometimes enjoyable, often ephemeral.

Wondering if I can ever help to get my future-wife and myself to such solidly stable financial foundations that I can not work, still buy HeroClix and reform my man-cave “game room”, while meeting her needs and helping her enjoy Life while we’re still young and healthy enough to do so.

We’ve both seen enough of the “decrepitude” extreme old age and the pain of one’s body failing, taking the mind with it, that neither of us is looking forward to old age. 

And we’ve both found each other so late enough in Life that we’re leary of making our own children; we both have our health challenges, that may impact the genetics of any children we produce. We don’t want to stack the deck against a child’s already challenging existence, genetically. There’s already challenge enough in front of every newborn.

My Lady fosters animals, exercising her maternal instincts, her compassion. Sje has a lot of love. 

If we were to have a child, it would not lack for Love. From either of us.

I worry I’d be passing on some weakness, something insurmountable. And with people in general, and people in Congress in particular, preferring to just hoard as mych personal wealth as possible and not invest in science and medicine and technology and policies that could lead to longer, healthier, more productive lives for everyone, … why bring a child into that world? Into a socioeconomic station that biased against its survival, let alone successful and fulfilling individual contribution to a greater whole? Just to get mercilessly exploited, fodder for other’s ambitions of megalomaniac greatness?

Feel powerless to help. 

….. I used to donate to Wpunded Warrior Project, before the scandal/kerfuffle over highly-compensated executives mismanaging funds, living the “high life”. I miss it.

Love donating as a sustaining member to my local NPR affiliate. Will continue. 

Hope Congress and all levels of government can keep taxes under control, below 31%, efficiently invest into and manage the nation’s growth, our participation in the broader Human Civilization. 

Would love to donate regularly to… National Science Foundation, maybe? Can I afford, right here, right now, that kind of continued investment in the future of our species?

Have I contributed enough already, in the form of my labor and taxes and time, all these years?

Or do I just adopt a “hobbit lifestyle” from here on out? Concerned only with my “hearth and home”? Thinking we’ll be unaffected?