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Been patiently waiting for WizKids to release the 2017 rules for HeroClix. Chomping at the bit, really.

Re-reading the 2017 articles on the changes, linked above.

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…….meanwhile, what the hell is this?—

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EDIT (2016-07-03): Originally posted on 2016-07-01. Reposting to 07-03, with additional comments at the end. (sidebar: I love how WordPress archives all my old revisions, with original publish dates.)

Yes…. This is more like it! WizKids put up these previews today. Awesome.


Here’s that Carnage one again. Can’t believe fanboy’s love this whacko so much. His symbiote is more interesting that its ‘host’ [Cletus Kasady]. Venom is more interesting than Carnage. I’ve never liked Venom. But I like him better than Carnage. (“Like” is a rather inverted term here. Villains are NOT role-models. But, these fictional concepts can serve as ‘examples’ of a sort.)wp-1467272283055.jpg

EDIT (2016-07-03): Can’t say enough how much I’m enjoying the new character card format.

And I have to say again how much I’d be willing as a fan of HeroClix to pay something like $9.99/month for an official WizKids subscription service that revises and maintains a digital character card resource. That WizKids could work out deals with Disney/Marvel and Warner Brothers/DC Comics to: (1) create character cards for older sets that didn’t have character cards originally, all the way back to the inagural Marvel Comics’ INFINITY CHALLENGE and DC Comics’ HYPERTIME, all done in the new format; (2) to update older character card HeroClix sets (from 2007’s Marvel AVENGERS set up to 2016’s Marvel’s UNCANNY X-MEN) to the new format; (3) provide continuing revisions as necessary to the cards (cards should be clearly marked in some way, i.e. “Rev-20160703” or something).

They don’t have to ‘release’ cards for entire older sets at once. Update here or there, here and there, with at least one card ‘released’ or ‘revised’ every third or fourth day.

Kinda hoping, then, that it eliminates a need for ‘permanent errata’ on the WizKids Rules site, that errata posts to that site may be necessary, but disappear from that forum once the character card is updated. (Clarifications are another matter, as they describe interactions and applications. The errata simply tries to correct or streamline the wording. IMUO.)

I’ve also expressed my interest in seeing the older characters recieve “Ret-Con Traits” to help make them more-playable in the modern game. NEVER use the cards to change stats from what is physically on the dial; all info should accurately reflect what is on that older piece’s dial/base. The “Ret-Con Traits” I’ve been doing, for example, seek to make older characters more-playable by adding additional powers or game effects at no additional point-cost (because older figures seem to have ‘inflated’ point-values compared to newer designs), but making the effects an option that cost points to play is also a possibility, if it’ll help game balance.

Frankly, long-term, I’d like to see the service expanded to provide cards for all objects and other game elements, and even have something that’s akin to HCRealms.com’s on-going “HeroClix Atlas” and even a full-blown “UNITS” section (team-building using the character cards and plenty of filters).

The future of the game is physical Clix and other elements on a physical map on a physical tabletop, using electronically provided information (via pads and smartphones). “Living” subscription service supports game design and helps players’ previous purchase retain value while also feeding new purchases.

Would hope the WIN system also provides loose ‘formats’ for playing these older figues with new ‘ret-con character cards’, encouraging play.

Meanwhile, I do miss keeping up with comics. I hear Marvel has a digial subscription service. Will have to check into it. I not only can’t afford to buy the collected trade paperbacks in order to keep up, I’ve no desire to physically store them. “The Cloud” and the internet is the only way to go.



HeroClix Ret-Con: Kobra & his fanatics. (v2.1)

UPDATE (2016-04-24): Kept meaning to do homemade HeroClix “Ret-Con Traits” for old DC Comics HeroClix UNLEASHED set Kobra and Kobra Fanatic clix. Kobra is both an individual (in the ‘dark savior’ mold) and international underworld religious cult, a creation for DC Comics during the 1970’s by Jack “King” Kirby. So, here we go —

DC HC UN Kobra stat tower

UN Kobra Fanatic Tower

Homemade Ret-Con “Tweak”: addition of the keyword “Kobra” for UNLEASHED’s all levels of Kobra, the Jason Burr “Limited Edition”, and all levels of Kobra Fanatic, since “Kobra” is also the name of the organization; “Strike Force Kobra” is supposed to be an élite unit within the organization. (Hopefully, they get clixed as well at some point.)

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (Kobra Fanatic R/E/V and “Jason Burr” LE): “Usher in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Chaos!” Whenever this character makes a close attack, modify its attack value by +1 for each other character with the Kobra keyword adjacent to both this character and the target. (Aside: Yep, totally co-opted the Marvel HeroClix “Morlocks” ATA.)

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (“Jason Burr” LE only): “Re-animated via Kobra’s Lazarus Pits” This character possesses Willpower and Battle Fury.

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (Kobra R/E/V): “Lord Naga” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, choose two of the following standard powers, and it possesses them until the end of the game: Plasticity, Sidestep, Flurry, Poison, Incapacitate, Combat Reflexes, Willpower, Close Combat Expert, Empower.

I hope DC Comics and WizKids can bring in more Kobra to HeroClix at some point.

Archiving pictures scooped up elsewhere on the net concerning DC Comics’ Kobra. 















DC Comics HeroClix ‘ReClix’ Wish-List: Mr. Terrific! (v1.1)

Disclaimer 1: I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”, but I love both superhero genre “narrative universes”. Disclaimer 2: I haven’t bought even a trade paperback collection of an title for either ‘universe’ for over a year. I’m way behind. That said, I’m in no way opposed to “new” characters showing up in HeroClix before “old” characters. “New, old, marquee, obscure, supporting”…wanna clix ’em all.

MR. TERRIFIC! Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_Terrific_(comics) Specifically, the second person to carry the mantle, Michael Holt. He needs “ReClixed” badly. So, “Dear WizKids,…” PLEASE REMAKE THE MICHAEL HOLT “MR. TERRIFIC”!! [IF you haven’t already. I’m not finding one in the HCRealms.com UNITS section, and I don’t see him mentioned yet as a rumor for the 2016 DC HeroClix JOKER’S WILD set — http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/search.php?searchid=4748653 ]

ALSO: Want to point to this bit of “fan-design” from way, way back on another blog called “The Absorbascon”: INVENTING THE T-SPHERE (I knew I’d seen someone had to have done these. There may be more fan-versionsof these out there. I haven’t looked.)

HeroClix T-Spheres by The AbsorbasconOPINIONS: I disagree with the need for Team Abilities on these. Would prefer to see Traited Willpower. Also disagree about the zero Damage value, as these softball-sized, cybernetically-directed, semi-autonomous, sensor-packed and armored flying holographic projectors also zip around during mêlée, ramming into opponents.  I’ll be using them ‘as is’ in the “Ret-Con Trait Ability” imbedded into the ‘collage’ for the LEGACY version below.

Michael “Mr. Terrific” Holt is a former Olympian and a genius technologist. And I agree with other fan sentiment that those T-Spheres need to be “attachable” objects or bystanders, à la the Superior Spider-Man ‘Spider-Bots’ from the Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL set.




For reference: Terry “Mr. Terrific” Sloane (First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1, 1942) —


Ret-Con: Hulk (MV HC IC 2002 REV/LE) (v1.2)

Ret-Con Trait IC HulksHomemade “Ret-Con Trait”: “Savage Cunning” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, it may use the following abilities: When Battle Fury isn’t showing on its dial and it is not on its starting click, this character may use Super Senses and Close Combat Expert, but can’t use Close Combat Expert to modify its damage value when holding an object. This character may use the Colossal Stamina ability.


Intent: Not that these versions needed *too much help*, but the statistical combat values were showing their age. So, a highly conditional “Ret-Con Trait”. Trying to show how Hulk can fight rather brilliantly, sometimes “underhandedly” while he’s not yet fully enraged and really tearing up the landscape.

(Speaking of “tearing up the landscape”, I wonder if WizKids Design Team has taken a look at the old Fin Fang Foom colossal figure, for some inspiration for some recent or future Hulk designs…?)

Ret-Con: Grey Gargoyle (SECRET INVASION) (v3.1)

EDIT (2015-06-28): Originally posted on 2013-05-23. After finally seeing a new version hit in late 2013 with the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN set, decided this “Ret-Con Trait/Tweak” for the older SECRET INVASION version post needed a rework.

Grey Gargoyle! I actually hate the character, at least what I remember about him. My “comics current events” knowledge is lacking, though. Maybe he’s “cool” now. Maybe cool enough to appear on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”? Nah.

We essentially have 3 versions of this character now. This post is about “Ret-Conning” one of those three: the lackluster SECRET INVASION piece. But, might as well post all three, for comparison.


iim Grey Gargoyle stats

s1010 Grey Gargoyle stats

The SI version was disappointing back in 2008. Laughable now. If you don’t look at the stats, “Petrify” is still *okay*, I guess, but still. And “Petrified Protection”, though? The “use” of it may not count toward your action pool, but the placement restrictions don’t seem worth the action, to me.

Hmmm. What to do? What to “tweak”? Let’s start borrowing from other existing power and abilities, shall we?

Homemade “Ret-Con Tweak”:  Petrified Protection Give Grey Gargoyle a free action. He may place one barrier terrain marker in an unoccupied square containing an object, hindering terrain, or a hindering terrain marker. Instead, give Grey Gargoyle a power action and he may place a Web/Snare special terrain marker in a square occupied by a target opposing character.

Borrowing from the “Web mechanics” again from the 2010 WEB OF SPIDER-MAN set. Have always felt/thought that those effects should see more applications.

What does the Web/Snare marker do? Web Special Terrain Marker: A character occupying this square must break away for movement purposes. Immediately after the character occupying this square no longer occupies it, remove this marker from the map.