Deepening Drought In Western U.S. Costs Ranchers Money And Heartache : The Salt : NPR

Deepening Drought In Western U.S. Costs Ranchers Money And Heartache : The Salt : NPR:


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Just read a post this morning, over on a politics forum I frequent daily, someone I like to think of as a friend, had this comment to share:

2018 – the year in which Neil Diamond’s “America” being played at a small town fireworks display actually feels kinda subversive.

Being pro-Freedom and Opportunity and Immigration and Free Markets, I agree.


Edit: [probably the best article this lowly layman has ever read explaining “Originalism”. Rereading it today, and thiniing about the SCOTUS, it reinforces the feeling I have about how it is being misused, used by some with suspect motivations, to reduce the Text to something they strip the spirit of advancing Justice and Freedom out of as they persue some sort of ideological agenda that involves increasing the power and influence and wealth of a few by stripping Freedom and Opportunity from the less wealthy or poor, to keep the general population in line.


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With Gramma right now, at the assisted living facility, where Gramma is paying thru the nose for what I’m told is ‘high-level care’.

I used to be up here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work. Gramma and I had a routine. Physical therapy exercises or walking, followed by “voice therapy” (series of vocal exercises that emphasized breathing and projection), then get her on the toilet, change her for bed while she was there, wipe her, clean up whatever needed to be cleaned, lotioned what needed lotioned, then brush the teeth, wash the face, and get her into bed.

If it wasn’t me, it was Mom up here doing all of this with Gramma. Mom did it more than I was.

As Gramma has deteriorated, slowly, over these past couple of years, the facility has continued to raise rates, because Gramma’s required more help when we weren’t around.

As the price has approached $6k per month, starting to rapidly deplete Gramma’s savings and strain her “survivor’s benefits” from SocSec, OOE pension, and Medicare, and strain VA benefits, and strain us financially as we filled gaps here and there, Mom asked me repeatedly to stop doing as much as I was, to let the staff do more, since that’s what we’re paying them for.

Snag 1: The care staff seems over worked, underpaid, and complains sometimes about not getting help from the families of residents, complaini ng within earshot, pitched just loudly enough for some of us family members to hear.

Snag 2: And this facility *is* part of a for-profit healthcare system. They have to provide investors and shareholders with returns.

Been wondering for awhile if I’m going to have to quit my job, dip into my retirement nest egg, bring Gramma back to her old house (that we, the family, have been stalling on selling), try again to take care of her in her own home, where she can pass on eventually. (At 95, given the care she’ll require, it’ll be a challenge, in that house.)

Just don’t know how my fiance would take that turn of events….