Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Macro System! (v1.1)

For your reference: Macro System (Marvel U Appendix) and Overview of appearance: Macro System

The Marvel U Appendix makes the comment that it may have been inspired by everything 1980’s, from “Japanimation” cartoons like Voltron, to toys like Go-Bots and Transformers.

I have the issue Macro System appeared in, but like my whole collection, it’s locked up in storage. I’m fuzzy memory-wise on whether it was one “pilot” controlling them all, or one pilot for each robot.

If it was one pilot, would assume there was some artificial intelligence assistance. If it was one pilot, it’s safe to assume that “Unit 1” was the command and control “focal point”; no clue how far out each robot could be controlled, what the communications signal range was.

I think it’d be interesting for Marvel to bring them back. Keep the “John Byrne Robotics” look, but also play with more-modern sci-fi concepts as well. If they kept one human “pilot”, controlling Unit 1, Units 2 thru 4 as largely independent, individual experiments in A.I./personality. Sort of a Marvel Comics conceptual variation of DC Comics’ Metal Men. See how “they” interact with Marvel Earth’s humanity, “superhumanity”, and various A.I./”Robot Lifeform” characters: The Vision, Ultron, Alkhema, Jocasta, Machine Man/Aaron Stack, Dr. Doom’s Doombots, and so on.

Food for Thought: Future of Humanity: Cyborgs & Robot Intelligence.

MV HC Macro System 2


HeroClix potential:

  • More “generic” robots are always nice to get, but they should have a “Macro System keyword, and Additional Team Ability (resurrect the INDY brand’s Guardians of the Globe or Crusade TA’s?).
  • Each robot when K.O.’d is replaced on the map with a heavy object (Units 2 thru 4) or an Ultra Heavy Object (Unit 1). Common.
  • Character/Resource Dial hybrid clix: “Macro System Pilot”?
  • Maybe one clix to represent Units 1 thru 4, using one point-cost but two starting lines and K.O. lines. It’s reasonable to assume that Units 1 thru 4 were not *completely identical*; you had right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. One set of stats represents the two that could form the legs of the “giant composite” [“Big Mack”?], maybe they are the faster flyers (greater Speed values, Transporter/Wing symbol, close combat oriented, Empower, but only with other Macro System allies); the other starting line’s stats represents the ‘bots that form the arms, and may be more range-oriented combatants, and support (Enhancement, but only with other Macro System allies). Combine/disassemble mechanics just custom variation of standard Merge/Split rules?
  • Unit 1 has to be its own clix, capable of everything the other four do, do it well, if not *slightly* better, plus Special Power-based Perplex (“Brilliant Tactician” for fellow Macro System clix), Incapacitate. Unique ring. Rare? Or, just an Uncommon?
  • “Big Mack” [already regreting trying to name the “combo-form”, but I’m rolling with it) would be a replacement clix, appearing in the square Unit 1 occupied. Moves slower but hits harder, is more durable. Token generation every turn, any number of tokens can be removed to self-perplex stat[s] or avoid pushing damage. Super-Rare, or “case incentive” or “mail-away exclusive”.
  • Would be cool if “Big Mack” could be a Build-A-Clix; like the Hulk-Buster Mark II, when destroyed, “pieces” become special 3D objects on the map. Would be cool if WizKids could develop a for Mack to suffer damage and degraded capability by loss-of-limb, and in which limbs could possibly be reattached during play for a partial “healing” (assuming Mack could get to his limb before an opponent picks it up and beats him with it).

And now, “samples” [examples] of current Marvel HeroClix “robotics”:

Hulkbuster-Torso Hulkbuster-Right-Leg Hulkbuster-Right-Arm Hulkbuster-Mark-II Hulkbuster-Left-Leg Hulkbuster-Left-Armwpid-sentinel-hunter.jpeg wpid-sentinel-sentry.jpeg wpid-AlphaClass_Sentinel_parts-copy.jpeg DOFP Alpha Class Sentinel -Defense- DOFP Alpha Class Sentinel -Attack-wpid-mv2015-aou-jocasta-039.jpegMV2015-AoU-Machine-Man-025





Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Master of the World (v1.1)






One thing about Marvel Comics’ version of Earth: it’s been subject to quite a few extraterrestrial visitation.

I mean, there were the Celestials, gargantuan humanoid traveling scientists. At the dawn of humankind, for reasons unknown, they manipulated humanity’s DNA. They created the superhuman-but-sterile Eternals (being that would later be mistaken for mythic gods during ancient times); the Deviants, whose DNA was so unstable most were monstrously hideous, varying wildly in size, shape, and intelligence from individual to individual, some being mistaken for demons or as mythic monsters; and humanity, in whose DNA they left a combination of “X-Factors” that would occasionally lead to individuals cross the threshold from “normal human” to “superhuman”. “Mutations.”

Then, there’s the whole Kree/Skrull conflict, and the creation of the “Inhumans”. Marvel’s really getting some mileage out of that these days.

And, then there’s the Plodex. Highly intelligent blobs, spreading from planet to planet like a virus. They sent a ship to Earth to spread such blob-eggs. Said eggs would take over animals as they encountered them, bonding, making all manner of hybrids.
The “Master of the World”? Prehistoric tribesman, exiled from his people, stumbled into a downed Plodex ship, still loaded with operational technology and undeployed eggs. Through unknown circumstances, this “caveman” masters the Plodex tech, and from there masters Plodex DNA manipulation, spending millennia experimenting.

Potential for HeroClix:
*”One with the Plodex ship.” When first introduced in the pages of Alpha Flight during the 1980’s, he was unable to leave the ship, being cybernetically linked in. Potential for individual or team stat modification when the controlling player is First Player, has one map choice, and chosen an Indoor map? Use of Improved Targeting? Use of power as if occupying remote squares? “Plodex weapons” Bystander Token/Special Object creation?
*”Master of Plodex DNA.” Granting of Plodex keyword to friendly characters? Theme team rules, even though he wouldn’t have the Plodex keyword? Granting friendly characters selec powers by making the “Plodex Hosts” or “Plodex Hybrids”? Bystander Token “Plodex Minion” generation?
*”Master of Many Disciplines.” An ancient warrior and leader, has used the alien tech to monitor humanity’s development as well. Kept himself young and fit, traibed himself up in the sciences, strategy, tactics, and martial arts.
*The Master follows a common supervillain archetype at his core, with the specific twists making him a Unique for HeroClix. (IMHO.)


Wish-List: Flashback (v1.1)


Flashback! Real name, Gardner Monroe. Really minor “supervillain” from Marvel. I’ve only ever read the John Byrne “Alpha Flight” appearances. Didn’t know he’d been used as much as he  has. He generates “Future Men”, summoning himself from future points in time.

And just to get this out of the way, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, personal opinion: I think that since writer/artist John Byrne always seemed to have a soft spot for the old DC Comics team of oddballs and misfits, the Doom Patrol, that his motley crew of oddball villains, Omega Flight, is a bit of an “homage” to them.

His Wikipedia entry describes his powers thusly —

“Flashback is a mutant with the psionic ability to cause temporal counterparts of himself from alternate future timelines to appear in the present and to control them. Each duplicate appears in a reverse-color version of the original Flashback’s costume. These counterparts vanish whenever Flashback is rendered unconscious; lacking any apparent skill in combat or tactics (relying solely on his advantage in numbers), this makes Flashback a comparatively easy foe to defeat, as he tends to stand back from actual combat and focus solely on the activities of his duplicates, to the exclusion of all else.”

In the “here and now”, he wears a white bodysuit with a black cowl get-up. When one of his “Future Men” time-duplicates pops into his current era, they have the reverse color scheme of black bodysuit, white cowl. It’s never hinted at why/how they end up with the “negative” look. Guess it’s all in the “alternate future timelines”.

In his John Byrne AF appearances it’s made pretty clear that, despite training under Department H’s “Beta Flight” program, he was not a very good fighter. Never developed his any real combat skills. Relied totally of “numbers”, on overwhelming an opponent with multiple copies of himself. Appears to have kept himself in shape, though, skinny as he is. No fat “Future Men” have ever been “summoned through time”. He was able, apparently, in a more recent story, able to jump up and tackle a flying Genis-Vell. He has to have some athletic ability.

Note: When summoning, he is not “restricted” in placement; he’s popped multiple copies of himself onto a flying Guardian, for example, while the “prime” Flashback has been on the ground, some distance away. Good to keep in mind.

Memorable moment: From Byrne’s run on AF, the moment the “Delphine Courtney” android, disguised as Guardian, uses on of Flashback’s “Future Men” as a “meat shield”. That Future Man gets killed. Flashback wigs out, under the assumption that he will at some point be summoned back into his own past to die. He loses concentration and the rest of his Future Men fade out.

But, way I see it, those are “potential futures” he’s pulled from. No guarantees. Plus, neat concept, sort of analogous to Madrox the Multiple Man: What do his “dupes” know? For Madrox, if one of his dupes wanders off, learns new skills, when that dupe gets “reabsorbed”, Madrox gets that knowledge. For Flashback, what if one or more of his dupes knows something he doesn’t, “remembering” from a past experience that hasn’t happened to “present-day Flashback”? Or, knows something that may seem like it could be useful, but ends up not being useful because he’s from an alternate future timeline where things worked out differently? Or maybe won’t exists at all once current events resolve? Man! “Time travel meets schizophrenia”!

Apparently, in one of the stories in which “prime” flashback did a flying tackle of Genis-Vell, Vell manipulates Flashback’s time/space-manipulating powers, making Flashback twist-about like Mr. Fantastic.

I wonder if comic book writers are willing to explore that aspect a bit more? What if he could learn to pop “Future Men” into existence that might have actual super powers? Be plucked from alternate timelines where he had acquired powers by various means? I think Gardner Monroe needs to form a partnership with A.I.M. Would open his “tactical possibilities” up a bit if Flashback could call in some “heavy hitters” in a “Rick Jones wielding the Destiny Force” fashion. (Plus, would be cool to see a “MODOK-Future Man”. heh-heh.)


So! HeroClix: There’s a lot of ways to do a “traditional” Flashback and his Future Men nowadays.

  • Flashback alone on his own base, generating “Bystander Token” duplicates. Bit of a no-brainer, but you could add the perk that he could use a locked range value of 12 or something. (I assume Flashback would otherwise have a Range value of zero.)
  • Or, a Flashback as a unique, “summoning” fully-clixed “negative duplicates” (Future Men) as “generics”. That has potential for seeing one “generic” Future Man, with maybe multiple starting lines of the same point-value, 2 or 3 clicks of life for each starting line, maybe emphasizing a different standard or special power. One could have a special power similar to one or both of the special powers on the old SECRET INVASION Moloid generics. Another might be able to use Flurry. Another might be able to use Plasticity when adjacent to both another Future Man and an opposing character. Or, that “Won’t Let Go” special power that Ragdoll has, from the DC 75TH ANNIVERSARY set. Or something.
  • Yes, some of those same powers could apply to “Future Men” Bystander Tokens as well.
  • Some mix of the two concepts above? Maybe with Flashback on a double-base with a couple duplicates and the Duo attack symbol, maybe losing that Duo symbol in a manner like Mercy & Grace from the BRAVE & THE BOLD set? Worth exploring.
  • “Concentration”: The advantage the “Bystander Token generating” has is potential to show what happens when Flashback loses concentration or consciousness: Future Men disappear. He might be able to generate them easily, maybe via free action “summoning”, one per turn, plus a power action to summon one or two additional (random die roll), but if the “prime” Flashback takes damage, one or two Future Men disappear. If Flashback gets K.O.’d, they all “pop” out of existence.
  • Stats: well, you could show Flashback Beta Flight training and his general lack of personal fighting ability for both him and his Future Men with a bunch of 9 attack values, but with 16 defense values and 1 or 2 damage values. Flashback himself, maybe 4 or 5 clicks of life.
  • MAIN HOOK: “Summoning” Future Men “Pawns” onto the map, from a distance. He is all about “swarms” and “harassment”.

…. Hmmm…. Will have to ponder it more.

“ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con: Diamond Lil (v1.1)

Diamond Lil! A Marvel character, first introduced in the pages of John Byrne’s “Alpha Flight”. She was a former Canadian government “Department H” super-powered trainee that didn’t make the cut for Alpha Flight, and eventually ends up of the “revenge squad” that was Omega Flight.

*Tangent*: According to “comics lore” from various sources, It’s believed that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s creation of the X-Men in the 1960’s was an attempt to create another successful team book for Marvel, this time influenced by DC Comics’ own band of “outsiders and misfits” that was the Doom Patrol. I think it’s kinda funny, then, that decades later John Byrne creates Omega Flight as a team to pit against his other creation, Alpha Flight. Alpha Flight was created during Byrne and Chris Claremont’s incredible run on Uncanny X-men to fight the X-Men.

Where am I going with this? IMHO, Omega Flight looked like a twist on the “band of misfits” that was the Doom Patrol. (Not that it’s any big deal. Just love the “mutations of concepts” over time, and how there often seems to be a “foundation” or “baseline” for certain character concepts. Note to self: Still have to do that “Wish-List” post for Omega Flight member, Flashback.) *End Tangent.*

Diamond Lil is virtually indestructible. That’s about it. She didn’t get the super strength. No super-speed. No flight abilities. No super-senses. No laser-beam firing eyes. She didn’t get the “complete package”. Drawn by Byrne, she’s the stereotypical tall “Amazonian” type, even if she doesn’t have super strength. Not the “most beautiful” but “really attractive”. Either works out or is one of those annoying “naturally fit metabolism” people. “Built like a brick shithouse.”

Byrne may have been playing with the concept of “objectified women”, I’m not sure. Even getting “the short end of the stick”, Byrne still made her dangerous. That long, super-strong hair? She can pluck a single hair from her head and use it as a garrote. Super-strong nails? She can apply just enough normal-human strength force in a swipe to cut through thin sheet metal. (How the heck does she conduct personal hygiene, anyway? She gotta bite her own hair and toenails to keep from having freakish talons? How’s she cut her hair? How’d she manage to break one free anyway, without any super strength? Was Byrne re-using some of his “dense flesh coupled with bio-forcefield” stuff he used on his Superman run? Dunno.)

She proved to be a very good hand-to-hand fighter, a “natural scrapper”, supplemented (I suppose) with a little of her previous Gamma Flight training.

Her debut in clix was in 2005’s ARMOR WARS Marvel HeroClix set. Players were “underwhelmed”. She got no respect.


Hope to see her appear again. Not sure if she’ll show up in November 2013’s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN set or not, what with its Alpha Flight sub-theme. (Unlikely, IMO.)

What could they do with her today? Well, even if they “kept it simple” as befits the character, would like to see Traited Invincible, then the usual damage reducers on the dial. Would like to see her given the “multiple starting line” treatment. Like, 100/75/50 points.

Some sort of dial-pattern like the old DC HeroClix LEGACY Joker, with a mix of blank spots and standard powers that don’t last more than one click. (Speaking here of non-Defense slot powers.) She’s proven to be a very good melee fighter. Not an “acrobatic martial artist” to be sure, but not a “charging brute” either.

Tenacious, though, and can afford to be, given her invulnerability. She can afford to take a hit, so if her own punches fail, she’ll just slip into a comfortable basic wrestling-style strangle hold and wait it out. Plasticity? Maybe. Incapacitate? Maybe. Blades/Claws/Fangs? Still good. Close Combat Expert? Potentially. Some sort of “strangling special power”? Seems appropriate.

Maybe some other “weakness” of “limitation” as well/ To keep her cost down? Like a vulnerability to Poison? I don’t remember her having any immunity to gases, for example, so even tear gas could cause her problems. Still needs air to breathe, needs the oxygen, even if her lungs can physically resist the damage to the tissues.

Despite her simplicity in concept, she could still be a nice little challenge. Worth seeing again in a new form. (Prefer that yellow and green full-body costume, though, to the “stripper leather” stuff she wore later.)

Wish-List: Smart Alec (2.7)

EDIT (12 OCT 2013): Okay, “pulling an old post forward in time” thing. Originally posted on 11 MAR 2012, with a “collage” added 29 SEP 2012. WizKids is releasing Marvel HeroClix INVINCIBLE IRON MAN this November (2013). The set will have an Alpha Flight sub-theme, but with all the Iron Man/Iron Man Rogues Gallery/Avengers characters that may be put in, I don’t expect Smart Alec and his Omega Flight cohorts to make it into the set.

If he does, though,…. Well, WizKids press release for IIM says one of the set’s main draws will be the Improved Targeting mechanics. That, along with some other, newer special power and Trait abilities we’ve seen since this initial post, gave me a few ideas that I wanted to tack onto the “bullet points” wish-list below. If we don’t see Smart Alec and Omega Flight in IIM, maybe they could be part of that “Marvel Monsters & Villains set with Captain America sub-theme” I’m always pining for on this blog.


Ah, Smart Alec! Bit of a “throw-away” character by writer/artist John Byrne during his run on Alpha Flight back in the 1980’s.  If you want the very short life story of this character, check out the official Marvel entry: Alec Thorne (Earth-616).  (Sorry, I’m not going to post any pictures.) Comicvine also has an entry on Smart Alec, with a picture of him that I’m not familiar with: Comicvine: Smart Alec

So, super-smart kind of villain.  Even though he supposedly created his “Encephalo-Helmet, he didn’t seem to be an inventive genius. He wasn’t whipping-up high-tech gizmos and weapons in the middle of a fight. He made the boast of being smarter than Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four), but didn’t seem like it.  Arrogant S.O.B.  His role on the team seems to be “tactical intelligence coordinator”.

His “Encephalo-Helmet”  was supposed to take his already heightened intelligence and, apparently, allow him to “think faster” and supplemented his sight and hearing with enhanced sensors. Looks like there’s a microphone jutting out, that’s where I get the “communication” part from; I assume he was constantly in communication with team members.  (Been a long time since I read the story.)  He doesn’t come off as  a “mad scientist inventor” type, but a definite “competitive game player”, a guy who liked to match wits and prove his superiority to an opponent.  Nerd/jerk. [EDIT: As in “uber-competitive nerd/jerk gamer”. Assuming you know the type. If this is what John Byrne intended, then I’m just now getting it — Smart Alec and his “custom self-built rig” could be a jab at the computer/internet know-it-all jerk.]

Never reached his full potential as a character.  His demise comes off as a bit of a gag nowadays.  Also, a bit of a sidenote concerning this character (pure opinion): John Byrne has always seemed to be a big fan of DC Comics’ Doom Patrol, [and] the incarnation of Marvel Comics’ Omega Flight that Smart Alec appears on is sort of a “villain version” of the Doom Patrol created to face-off against the heroic Alpha Flight, and Smart Alec seems to be a version of Doom Patrol’s Mento.

HeroClix potential?  As a game piece, he’d be in the “support/utility” class.  So, as far as clix goes…

  • Make him cheap, between 30 and 40 points.
  • 4 clicks of life, if that.
  • Unique.
  • Keywords: Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight, maybe nothing else (nope, not even “Scientist”).
  • Trait: “See on every wavelength, hear on every frequency.”  Smart Alec treats hindering terrain as clear terrain for line of fire purposes.  (Language cribbed from the Ultimates TA.)
  • Perplex and/or Enhancement; Outwit or Probability Control could possibly be part of his repertoire.
  • Possibly a variation on the “Brilliant Tactician”?  As part of a Special power, I’d think, allowing a choice between the normal use of Perplex as per “Brilliant Tactician” by using on Gamma Flight or Mega Flight keyworded friendlies. Or, dump the BT idea and make it a “Perplex opponent’s defense value by -2” kind of variant.
  • Normal human speed values, can’t see him with even “average” attack values ( not even an 8), but the whole “thinking faster” could translate into both an average defense stat and possibly the usual standard powers that would indicate his predicting how he could be attacked and trying to make sure he’s out of the way (Super Senses, ES/D, CR).  The costume/suit he wore seemed mostly about powering that encephalo-helmet, not providing a means of protection. Low if any damage value (just not a fighter).
  • In essence, as a HeroClix piece, I’m imagining a more modern use as cheap “support/utility” along the lines of the old Destiny REV from XPLOSION.  Cheap enough that players may feel compelled to add him to every team (or, at least every “Flight” team), but fragile.  So potentially beneficial that he’s got one heck of a target on that helmet of his.
  • It might be cool, as well as thematically appropriate, to give him a “flaw” kind of Trait that might make a player have to move him close to or attack opposing characters with the Mystical keyword or the Mystics TA.
  • [08 SEP 13] So, “Improved Targeting”! The “See on every wavelength, hear on every frequency” the becomes “Improved Targeting: [Ignores Hindering}{Ignores Characters}. Added the “ignores characters effect for the next bullet point…
  • … A special power allowing hime to use Probability Control, but use it twice when it is his turn, and up to two times when it is not his turn. *That* could be awesome, and and a continuous four-click run of that could be worthy of the Unique ring.
  • Or, the Prob use could be a “when Smart Alec uses PC” kind of Trait. That way, he could be given a “Swiss Army knife” special power instead, at ;east for his opening click, which could give him access to PC and Outwit. Or PC and Perplex. Or PC and Enhancement or Empower.
  • Just sticking with PC, though, would like to see something semi-scary: Trait for a locked 12 range when using PC, instead of the 2013 “default minimum 6 range” thing.
  • Again, I see this piece as being fragile, yet so annoying that your opponent has to take him out. Because the PC could be annoying enough, but then you have to factor in the potential Omega Flight keyword theme team bonus, and/or any OF ATA they might get. Omega Flight could be very dangerous in its own way.
  • EDIT (12 OCT 2013): My point about Probability Control was, I would like to find a way so Smart Alec could use it twice on his turn, twice when not his turn. Possibly by placing a token on a character? maybe himself, maybe another friendly, maybe a chance to actually place the token onto an opposing character?
  • EDIT (13 OCT 2013): Also, too bad he is finally “dead”. Through a series of almost typical superhero comics events, his mindless body was shrunk down by Shaman, in hopes of reviving him at some point; Shaman places him in his bag; at some point Walter “Sasquatch” Langkowski ends up dead, with his mind trapped inside Shaman’s pouch; Walter’s spirit takes up residence in Smart Alec’s now shrunked, action-figure-sized body, makes his way out of the bag; Langkowski’s spirit manages to make it into a new body, and Smart Alec’s again-mindless body gets squashed. You know what?! Some smarty-pants Marvel creative genius needs to correct that! He needs to become a Tiny Smart Alec. For HeroClix, f not anything else. ‘Cuz it’d be teh bee’s knees.

Anyway, he’s one of those Flight members that still needs to be done.  Would love to have him and Flashback at some point.  Maybe within the next two years?

EDIT, 08 SEP 2013: OF, from L-to-R: Diamond Lil (whom we got way back in MUTANT MAYHEM(2004), as an REV); the as-ye-UnClixed “psi-bot” Box (operated by Jerry Jaxon instead of Roger Bochs); Wolverine “analog”, Wild Child (he arrived in the game with Diamond Lil, also as an REV); Smart Alec; and the “Multiple Man/Negative Man” hybrid that is Flashback (white bodysuit with black cowl” and some of his randomly generated “future timeline duplicates” (black bodysuits w/ white cowls).

Hmmm…. Already did a “Wish-List” post on Box, and on Smart Alec. Diamond Lil and Wildchild are simple enough they might not need remakes. Flashback, though, could deserve his own “Wish-List” post. There’s a lot of ways to do him nowadays. Flashback alone on his own base, generating “Bystander Token” duplicates. Or, a Flashcak as a unique, “summoning” fully-clixed “negative duplicates” as “generics”. Some mix of the two, maybe with Flashback on a double-base with a couple duplicates and the Duo attack symbol, maybe losing that Duo symbol in a manner like Mercy & Grace from the BRAVE & THE BOLD set? Worth exploring. Plus it would be fun to explore Flashback’s “future time duplicates” concept. In the story above, one of Flashback’s “future dupes” gets killed. FB wigs out, thinking (paraphrasing here), “That was me from the futre! I’m dead already! But, when did that duplicate comes from?! When will I die?!” And sort of collapses into a gibbering heap. But, way I see it, those are “potential futures” he’s pulled from. No guarantees. Plus, neat concept, sort of analogous to Madrox the Multiple Man: What do his “dupes” know? For Madrox, if one of his dupes wanders off, learns new skills, when that dupe gets “reabsorbed”, Madrox gets that knowledge. For Flashback, what if one or more of his dupes knows something he doesn’t, “remembering from apast experience that hasn’t happened to “present-day Flashback”? Or, knows something that may seem like it could be useful, but ends up not being useful because he’s from an alternate future timeline where things worked out differently? Or maybe won’t exists at all once current events resolve? Man! “Time travel meets schizophrenia”! Yep. have to cover that, in a  future post.

EDIT (12 OCT 2013): Confusion! Some sources say is was, in fact, a mutant. Power: superhuman genius and being a colossal prick.

Wish-List: Box (Roger Bochs, Marvel; v1.3)

EDIT (26 SEP 2012): Okay, dipping back into this old post (originally published 10 JUN 2011). WizKids is set to release the BATMAN set soo, which introduces the Vehicle mechanics into the HeroClix game. Also this year, we’ve seen additions and changes to the game, one of which is the addition of Split and Merge abilities for Duos, a development which could come in handy for box versions of Roger Bochs’ brainchild (Box I (blue) and Box II (red)).

Also, did another “collage”.

10 JUN 2011: During the 1980’s, I was a huge Alpha Flight fan.  The main titles I raced down to the local Lawson’s convenience store (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to hunt for were Captain America, Alpha Flight, and DC’s All*Star Squadron.  Ah, those were the days.  (Although, I can’t remember if AF was out around the time A*S was; yeah, I should wiki.)  Bill Mantlo really tried with AF, but the title was never the same after John Byrne left.  And I never really liked the Madison Jeffries version of Box.   Marvel Directory InfoLink: Box (I)  Roger Bochs met a tragic end. 

Anyhoo, Roger Bochs and his “psi-bot” Box.  Ten feet tall (the entry above says “seven feet”; lame!), but looking squat (kinda like AF’s Puck).  Robotic brute, just tough and strong.  Kinda “vanilla”.  Yes, the Madison Jeffries version we got back in MUTATIONS & MONSTERS is good and has some cool game mechanics.  “Why bother with just another brick?  HC is full of those!”

(1) Fanboy silliness: Kinda think Roger Bochs was shafted in his stories.  Yep, makes no sense, since he’s just a fictional character.  (2) Game Mechanics: Still rolling ideas for “Linked Mechanics” around in my head.  Roger Bochs and his Box psi-bot just seemed like it might be cool. 

Rough idea: 2 clix and 1 3D object.  If the Box robot is on your team, Roger must be as well.  From there, borrow and re-arrange an old idea: anybody remember Oracle and her “In Contact with Oracle” Feat card?  (I think I heard some HC vets do a collective spit-take.) 

Stick with me, here.  Repeat a key point: if you’re playing Box on your team, you have to have Roger Bochs on it as well. 

Option One: Box on the map, Roger Bochs placed on his character card with his detachable 3D object, the ‘psycho-cybernetic control helmet’.  Run Box as normal.  Potential “limitation Trait” versus scientists or psychics might have box occasionally unable to attack (“jamming” or “psi-lag” or something) those with that keyword, like a 2-in-6 chance.  If Box is KO’d, potential feedback damage (d6 roll; Roger should have 4 clicks of life, I think).  If Roger is KO’d from the feedback, looks like your opponent is getting victory points for both Box and Bochs.  If Bochs isn’t KO’d, he’s just removed from play, with no additional victory points awarded.  Box is a basic brute-type.  Decent stats, long dial (8-ish clicks), Super Strength, Charge, damage reducers, maybe Plasticity or Indomitable.  Through Box, Bochs might be able to use Perplex, but only self-Perplex Box, modifying two stats at once maybe.

Option Two: Box on the map, Bochs on the map (with helmet).  Roger can’t move or be moved during a turn when Box has taken an action.  But with Roger on the map, the “Limitation Trait” is ignored, and Roger can use Outwit, limited to 4 squares, but drawing LoF from either Bochs or Box.

If Bochs is on the map and gets KO’d, his helmet gets left in the square.  Box goes motionless (can’t be given an action).  From there, maybe a mechanic similar to the Mjolnir 3D object from HoT (but those with the scientist or psychic keyword could re-roll to attempt to take control).  If Box is KO’d, roll for that feedback damage for Bochs.  If Bochs is KO’d, he’s KO’d as normal and all victory points awarded as normal.  If he isn’t, well, he’s wheelchair bound, and his stats hopefully would reflect that.  But he should be able to use Perplex or Outwit normally.

So, hoping I’m clear:  Roger Bochs = controller of Box, source of Perplex and Outwit.  Box = close combat brick.

Could be fun to run.  Yep.   Box = 100 points solid.  Roger Box = 50 points solid.  Yep.  Could be fun.

After next year’s Avengers and “cosmic” sets, it’d be cool to get some sort of “monsters and mad scientists” themed set for Marvel.  Just tossing that out there….