“Be Jesus, be Ghandi, be MLK”

Charlottesville Rally Aimed To Defend A Confederate Statue. It May Have Doomed Others http://n.pr/2vD0fGV

My heart is with those who want symbols of oppression — which many Confederate monuments represent — removed from the public square, relegated to museums.

Especially in light of the violent death of the peaceful protester Heather Heyer over the weekend.

Excerpt from article linked above:”It’s just not right that we would continue to honor these Confederate men who fought to preserve slavery on the same ground as men, women and even children were once sold into a life of slavery,” Gray said in a video statement<>. “Relocating these statues and explaining them is the right thing to do.”

Cannot agree more.

One thing bothering me is represented in this excerpt:”Some protesters did not even wait for city leaders. In Durham, N.C., shouting demonstrators pulled down a monument to Confederate soldiers, kicking it after it fell to the ground.”

Okay, no one may have died when the anti-racism protesters threw a rope around the statue, pulled it down, but that was an adrenaline-filled violent act. 

Instead of allowing the proper authorities to remove it in a disciplined manner — preferably while surrounded by a non-violent melting-pot crowd singing some sort of “old Negro spiritual”, in defiance of any lingering white nationalists still there — and retaining the moral high-ground, tearing down the statue in such a violent way might send the wrong signal to the opposing side: “We’re at war.” 

If not careful, escalation will result. 

A few even on the politics forum I frequent daily — those on the left, opposed to racism, fascism, I mean — seem charged-up, righteous, sometimes talk of ‘revolution’. 

We — I– want these symbols removed, but non-violently, safely, on a way that emphasizes the Goodness of the removal, and doesn’t spur people to confrontation that may bring bloodshed. 

My worry is that there are those adrenaline-filled aggressive Alphas on both the “White Nationalist” *and* “Anti-Fascist” side that want “bloody revolution in the streets”…

Posted 2017-08-09:

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Edit (2017-08-15): Charlottesville Rally Aimed To Defend A Confederate Statue. It May Have Doomed Others http://n.pr/2vD0fGV