Noggin’-poppin’ two-fer today, one from, a “Clix It Up!” article — — and the ‘spoiling’ of the Marvel HeroClix CIVIL WAR comics-based ‘Storyline Organized Play’ [SLOP] event — CW SLOP Figure List!

Posting the pic of the poster here as well —

civil war wslop_800w

BattleStar! A new Patriot!, A new Falcon! A new Goliath! Jester! A new Jack O’Lantern! (‘Bout darn time…) Plenty of new-to-clix characters and some cool-lookin’ new verions of faves.

Edit (2016-05-20): Previews I’ve saved so far….







HeroClix & “Marvel PuzzleQuest” Wish-List: Super-Patriot & U.S. Agent. (v1.1)


“All other things being equal, victory goes to the strongest.” Lot of people focus exclusively on the latter; I tend to focus on the “conditional” nature of the former.

John “U.S.Agent” Walker! Flat-out stronger than Steve “Captain America” Rogers, but in no way whatsoever his equal.
We’ve seen a couple of versions of “Cap’s Neo-Con reflection” in the game of HeroClix now, with the AV015 U.S.Agent (AVENGERS, 2007 release) and the NFAOS037 U.S. Agent (NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D., 2015 release). U.S. Agent has also received the Avengers ID card treatment as well. *AND* John Walker also appeared in the pre-Character Card era, as a LE (Limited Edition) figure, AW215 (ARMOR WARS, 2005 release).

NFAOS037 USAgent stats

NFID-009 USAgent

AV015 USAgent stats

AW215 John Walker

The requests of this “Wish-List” post are two-fold:

  1. Would like to see a version of John Walker in his pre-U.S. Agent days as the cocky Super-Patriot for WizKids Games’ Marvel HeroClix line. Personally, I think the dial-length and selection of powers of the John Walker LE of AW would work for a Character Card era of HC, but needing maybe an Improved Movement treatment, maybe a lesser form of Super Strength via a Trait, and some representation of his “Ka-Bar meets Lightsaber” weapon, his “Torch of Liberty”. Would be cool to have a 4-click alternate starting line as well [starting on click #9, with a K.O. line], with access to a “Battlefield Promotion” effect to “promote” into a version of U.S. Agent.
  2. Would also like to see a version of U.S. Agent for the D3 GO! video game, the “Match-3/RPG” game called Marvel Puzzle Quest. Not sure what to suggest in the way of powers, but the color-tiles he should be best in are Black, Green, and Red (so he’d compliment all versions of Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers).


EDIT: I’ll leave another “Wish-List” entry for the future, concerning John Walker’s long-time friend, and a much more level-headed and upright two-time action partner, Battlestar!

14-battlestar-captain america-341