EDIT (2018-02-26): The Provocation and Power of ‘Black Panther’ – The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/02/the-provocation-and-power-of-black-panther/553226/

‘Black Panther’ Review: The Political Visions of Ryan Coogler’s Film – The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/02/black-panther-review/553508/

[Posted 2018-02-23:]

‘Black Panther’ Sells Out African Theaters : NPR: https://www.npr.org/2018/02/22/587840019/black-panther-sells-out-african-theaters

Love the “Afro-Futurist” angle, of movie-goers in countries on the continent of Africa seeing a version of Africa they aspire to make real, the positivity of that.

fantasticate: Word of the Day from Dictionary.com http://www.dictionary.com/wordoftheday/2018/02/22


“SLOP” Age of Ultron: Black Panther

Latest previed today from WizKids’ heroclix.com site: Marvel HeroClix AGE OF ULTRON “Storyline Organized Play” [SLOP] set: the Black Panther!



I’ll probably miss out on this, as I did with the Marvel FEAR ITSELF and DC WAR OF LIGHT event sets. I mean, I can’t buy them direct from a store (organized play-oriented sales restrictions), and I don’t play in tournaments. And I avoid eBay and the HCR trading forums.

Wish I had time and energy for those evening events, but I don’t.

Ret-Con: Black Panther (IC) (v2.7)

EDIT (2015-01-02): “Oops.” I put in an incorrect older “collage” with the wrong RCT, and had forgotten to include the RCT into the body of the post. My apologies.

Black Panther! Also known as: T’Challa, King of Wakanda, a fictional high-tech-yet-marginally-isolationist African nation on “Marvel Earth”, home to the Panther Cult (and its “Heart-Shaped Herb”, a rare plant with mystical/alchemical properties, which only the King is allowed to consume in a concoction that grants enhanced stamina and heightened senses) and huge deposits of “Vibranium” (one of those fictional metal ores that finds its way into many superhero genre weapons). He’s not only King, he’s degreed in Physics, a skilled diplomat, tactician, logistician, and martial artist. Derided unjustly by certain Haters in the “fanboy cheap seats” as Marvel’s “Batman knock-off”. Haters are gonna hate. There are some stupid, jealous bastards out there. Because, you know, BP is better than Batman. There’s just no denying it. (Heh. Glad I don’t have this blog open for comments.)

First appeared in comics in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966, and got his HeroClix debut in Marvel’s inaugural set, INFINITY CHALLENGE (2002) in the Rookie/Experienced/Veteran format of the time. His Rookie was at the time (and I think still may be) the cheapest source of Outwit in the game, and so popular that it overshadowed the Experienced and Veteran versions for a long time. BP received a “reclix” finally with the debut of character cards and special powers in the 2007 AVENGERS set, and has seen new versions in 2011’s CAPTAIN AMERICA set and the 2013/2014 trickle of AVENGERS VERSUS X-MEN Storyline Organized Play kits.

I’ll post some stat-pictures here for reference, from most recent to oldest —

AVX007 Black PantherCA037 Black PantherAV024 Black PantherIC Black Panther stat towerSo, why do I feel the need to Ret-Con Trait the original REV? Partly because I want to keep that “older HC tech” playable in the modern age (yes, the Rookie is still playable as “disposable Outwit”, but the King deserves better), but also because I have gotten into playing the Marvel Puzzle Quest game rather obsessively since November, and that game’s version of BP lead to an interesting idea, and a re-examination of the character’s abilities for me.

Ret-Con Trait IC Black Panther v5


Homemade Ret-Con Trait: “Wakandan Heart-Shaped Herbs and Vibranium Technologies” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, at the beginning of the game you may choose up to two of the following powers and this character possesses those powers until the end of the game: Flurry, Sidestep, Incapacitate, Precision Strike, Toughness, Combat Reflexes, Energy Shield/Deflection, Willpower, Battle Fury.