“Yes, but what about ‘HeroClix Dinosaurs’?”

Above is a photo I took back in 2010. I was living on my own, and where I  was living was roomy enough that I set up a “game room”. It was dominated by HeroClix. 

In the picture (which I’d posted to this blog at one point), I’d taken some extra Marvel and DC HeroClix dials, cut off the sculpts, then removed the sculptures from some of WizKids’ HorrorClix “The Lab” set’s Velociraptors I’d managed to get, and glued them to the bases; made my own HeroClix-compatible “mods”. Still have them.

Why bring this up? 

Well, WizKids has been flirting with the idea of making a set or two of HeroClix figures with in-house ideas, rather than relying on official licenses, as they do when using characters from Marvel comics and movies, DC comics and movies, various videogames, et cetera. 

Looks like one idea will hit games and comics shops soon: HeroClix “UNDEAD”. 

I’m excited. In a way that other attempts, like reviving its “MageKnight” brand (the game that gave WizKids its start, which lead to HeroClix) hasn’t been able to do.

UNDEAD looks to be a smaller number of chatacters, “generic” (mostly), in single figure ‘foil packs’. Sounds perfect. 

Why? Sounds like it will be completely compatible with HeroClix, which provides thematic adversaries for our Heroes in HeroClix to combat. The superhero genre is such a mash-up of genres — sci-fi, cosmic/space opera, magic, fantasy, pulp crime, horror, et cetera — it makes sense and provides more options for players. 

Sidenote: I do hope WizKids keeps licenses to continue to produce at least the Marvel characters, but have to admit, the current pace of Marvel and DC releases is crushing to keep up with, and despite never-before-clixed characters finally seeing the light of day and some wonderful dial design, it also feels “diluted”, with so many versions of the same ‘marquee’ characters showing up every year. (And certain characters caught in licensing limbo, like Marvel’s Fantastic Four, making no appearances at all due to legal rights battles.)

Would love to see some other “generics” see publishing as HeroClix, given the “UNDEAD treatment”, so to speak. The old HorrorClix line’s “The Lab” set was chock-full of mad scientists, clones, aliens, cat-people, lizard-people, insect-people, mutates, dinosaurs, robots, apes, and even haunted spacesuits. Theme-y fun.

EDIT: ChessClix, an idea I’ve wanted to see for awhile: do-able as a foil-pack gravity feed set? Had alway imagined them as 100% compatible with HeroClix, just with a “rulez overlay” for playing pieces as thier own game, as “ChessClix”. 


“ToySoldierClix” & “ChessClix” (v1.1)

Still mulling over this HCRealms.com thread tossing HeroClix set ideas around. It inspired me to do this “OspreyClix” (military history HeroClix) post. The thread’s gone ‘deep into the weeds’ over the non-DC Comics and non-Marvel Comics ideas, especially videogame-based licenses.

I still can’t get the ‘military history idea out of my head. Mostly because of the potential for ‘generics’, that ‘slice’ of HeroClix figures that are supposed to represent the ‘anonymous cannon fodder’ present in all manner of storytelling, as opposed to the specifically-named protagonists and antagonists and supporting characters.

This morning, the thought occurred to me while browsing the toy aisles in Wal*Mart (which I like to do after I’ve picked up the actual, real-world necessities life requires; I didn’t buy anything): “Army Men“, the little plastic “toy soldiers“. I still like the thought of WizKids putting out a “set of Fast Forces” once a year of such ‘generics’.

Looking at the baggies and plastic containers of the cheap “army men” soldiers in the Wal*Mart toy aisle — near some of the non-poseable superhero figures — made me think again of the “ChessClix” idea, of putting out completed clix-figures that were unpainted, the sculpt’s plastic done in all one color. For ChessClix, one ‘side’ of the chess board usually is black, the other white. Was originally imagining the ChessClix army sculpts being stylized medieval/gothic looking. But to expand the game, create new styles of dials or ‘armies’ based on subjects more-fantastic, with sculpts being done without paint and in solid colors — mythic beasts (color of plastic could be a stony gray plastic, like granite statues), Amazons (blue? rose?), 1930’s/40’s/50’s sci-fi or contemporary sci-fi or Japanese cartoon sci-fi or whatever (orange? yellow?), heck re-use all the sculpts from the old “The Lab” HorrorClix set (blood red!).

So, again, “OspreyClix” or “ToySoldierClix”: A ‘set” of five Fast Forces, each FF of 5 to 6 clix figures each. Examples: One of WWII U.S. Army soldiers (green); one of feudal era Japanese samurai (red?); cowboys (brown?); Celtis warriors (tan?); Spartan soldiers (blue?).

All could become part of a HeroClix “Kang’s Crosstime Army”. Yesss….

As pointed out above, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres could see generics.

Army Men Brainfood



“Game[s] of …. ” (v1.7)

“Games of….” potpourri. Just a “placeholder post”, saving links to things I like, and will want to check out again in the future.

Websites about games:

Just stumbled across this one called “Dice Monkey”, which I want to check out more of — http://dicemonkey.net/category/game-design/page/5/

Ooo…. “Chess 2”: http://ludemegames.com/chess2/

“Solitaire Chess” (v1.1)

Bought several copies, years ago, of ThinkFun’s “Solitaire Chess” game. One was for myself, the rest were gifts.


When I moved out my previous home, I had been stalled on Challenge #34. I pulled the game back out of storage a month or so ago, set it up on the desk next to my bed, where I can ponder the presented problem whenever (often before I leave for work). I follow the advice given in the manual: Even when I finally solve a Challenge, I reset the pieces, then leave it alone for a few days, coming back to see if I remember how I solved it, starting over when I don’t.

I just solved #37, had a good chuckle when the solution came to me. I’ve now reset the board.

I bring it up because: (1) Was browsing the website earlier, and found they have a version for Android phones, and (2) it got me thinking about the “ChessClix” idea again.

Chess pieces that are Clix. Gameplay that combines elements of chess, HeroClix, the old computer games like “Archon Deluxe” or “Dark Legions”, and the “chess problems” of ThinkFun’s “Solitaire Chess”.

Exciting to turn the ideas over in my head.

It’s worth revisiting and reworking.  May be time for another post on “ChessClix”. Soon.


“ChessClix”?? (v3.6)


This attempt posted on 19 FEB 2014, with additions editted in: 21 FEB; 24 FEB; 23 MAY.

Over on the “rumors” forum of HCRealms.com, pictures of the 2014 Toy Fair are popping up, mostly concerned with the NECA/WizKids’ booth and products. Exciting thing was not only another DC “SwitchClix” strategy game themed on the Justice League, but seeing something called “Team Fortress Chess” right next to it.

On the HCR forums, people asking for advice on using Clix pieces for chess games comes up. Not actually playing with the Clix combat dials, just using clix pieces in place of regular pieces on a chess board. Like using a Lex Luthor as a King, for example.

Couple years ago, someone threw out the idea of “ChessClix”, of actually using the combat dial system somehow in the game of chess. I thought it was a cool idea, even tinkered with the concept for about a month. I can’t recall if that ever went anywhere in discussion on the Realms, though.

Anyway, thought about it last night, after seeing this “Team Fortress Chess” thing. Stumbled across this — http://www.chessvariants.org/unequal.dir/cwda.html

I was aware that chess aficionados created variants of the game, including new pieces that move in different ways from “standard” chess pieces. Was blown away by the variety, the imagination.

I need to read-up on this WizKids “TFC” thing. I’m wondering about combining chess with clix’ combat dial system.

consider this post a “work in progress”, something to come back to record ideas. It’ll definitely end up as a “tl;dr” hodge-podge.

Also keep in mind: I like chess, but I have no knowledge of the proper terminology for chess, especially not the really wonky vocabulary of these dedicated chess enthusiasts I see on that site linked above. They and that site blow my mind.

Random Ideas :

  • at least two boards are used during play: the “strategic board” (the standard chess “tactical board”) and the “dueling board”.
  • basically, thinking that on the “strategic board” the clix move as regular (or variant) chess pieces. When a player moves to “capture” an opponent’s piece per normal chess-play, that’s when the ‘contested square” is marked, and both pieces move into the “dueling arena”. Normal play on the strategic map stops until the duel is resolved.
  • combat on the dueling arena map is fought using normal clix combat system rules.
  • the “dueling maps” are much smaller than the main map, to encourage players to mix it up, and hopefully shorten time playing duels.
  • Sculpts: “sword & sorcery”?
  • Sculpts: No paint jobs; colored plastic only.
  • colors to choose from: white, black, red, brown, blue?
  • if you field a team, has to be all one color.
  • Team symbols“, in a twist, instead of using team symbols like we do in “super hero clix”, the “team symbols” identify the type of chess piece it is, and thus how it moves on the “strategic board”.
  • Dual “TA’s” are possible, as that’s how some of the “variant chess” pieces are made – they often combine how two traditional chess pieces move. For example: the “Archbishop” variant chess piece can move like a Knight or a Bishop; a “Chancellor” variant chess piece can move like a Knight or a Rook.
  • [EDIT, 21 FEB 2014] “Dueling map/board”: like the “regular chess map/board”, it would all be one elevation; unlike the “chess board” it will make use of normal Hindering Terrain, Blocking terrain, and Water Terrain.
  • Thinking: the dueling map should be  an “Indoor map”.
  • Also thinking: depending on how they produce it, you could have one “map” that has the “regular chess board” in the center, and TWO “dueling maps”, one on either side of the “chess board” map. When one player attempts to “capture” the other’s piece on the “chess board”, the players roll a die for “dueling map choice”.
  • Basically, two-sides to a mat; each side has  one “chess board” with two “dueling maps” on either side of the “chess board”.
  • Back to the “character pieces”: No special powers. Standard powers on the dial, “standard access” to combat abilities via the usual combat ability symbols, including Improved abilities.
  • Maybe Traits as well. Undecided.
  • Getting back to “chess piece symbols as team symbols”, we could tie “Trait” abilities to those, but those abilities (again) only come into play on the “Dueling Map”.
  • Example: Characters with the {Pawn} “team symbol” can use Side Step when on the Dueling map. (I kinda assumed that Pawns might be able to use other standard powers, but wouldn’t have any Improved abilities, and only “standard” ability symbols).
  • “Teams” or “Forces” would still be assembled by points. I would assume for any initial release, the game would be designed as a 1000-point game, full set of regular chess pieces.
  • They could do “scenario cards” to determine starting positions of pieces; otherwise, players set up their “armies” like a normal chess game.
  • Such “scenario cards” could double as “chess problems” or “chess puzzles”.

I think I should attempt to list the types of pieces. Remember, their “team symbols” designate what type of piece it is, and the team symbols look like the standard, traditional chess piece it is. I’ll suggest some “Tactical Board” powers and abilities. —

  1. King: He may be the “weakest” on the Strategic map, but for the Tactical map, he should be a scary close combatant.
  2. Queen: Range-oriented on the Tactical map.
  3. Bishop: Range-oriented on the Tactical map. Penetrating/Psychic Blast plus Steal Energy special power combo?
  4. Knight: Close combatant on the Tactical map. Could have “full-speed Charge along a direct path”, or maybe a “Drag”-style special power.
  5. Rook: Also a close combatant on Tactical, suggesting “full-speed Charge along direct path”, but a slower speed, coupled with Giant symbol?
  6. Pawn: Close and Ranged combatant. Range of 2, but with Sharpshooter. Three clicks of life? But, three starting lines? Starting line would have to be selected at start of game. One “jack-of-all-trades”, one “better at close”, one “better at range”? They still have to be the easiest to kill on the Tactical map, but still put up a fight.

— Will elaborate more at a later date.

Standard Chess Set