Short version: finally got to see “War for the Planet of the Apes” last Saturday. LOVED IT.

Long version: ….. [BRB]

EDIT (2017-08-06): Well, I wasn’t back right away. Sorry.

So, the week of July 14th, the week WPA [War for the Planet of the Apes] was to open, was telling the girlfriend I hoped she would see it with me. So, we used her On Demand service to watch the first of this series, 2011’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (Tuesday the 11th, I believe). She’s not a sci-fi person, generally. SHE LIKED IT. I was happy.

Thursday, July 27th (if I recall correctly), we watch the second film in this particular “Apes” series, 2014’s “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. She Liked that one too! I was happy. Then, that weekend, due to circumstances that were totally my fault, on Saturday the 29th, I’m getting my first viewing in, solo.

Yesterday, Saturday the 6th of August, the girlfriend agreed to go, and we saw the 5:30pm 3D viewing (which almost turned out badly, until someone else in the audience found someone to complain to about the focus problem). Girlfriend’s verdict: She Liked it! Boo-Yah!

(To My Gal: Don’t worry, I like movies like “Detroit” and “Dunkirk”, too, so I’ll definitely go with you to those. Maybe you’ll like to see “Wind River”? Might be up your alley…)

Anyway: Loving this ‘reboot’ of the Apes. the old 1960’s/70’s stuff has its charms, but this series just has more gravitas, more meat-on-the-bone for me than the old stuff now. A good thing, IMO.


So, in “Rise”… News item that flashes briefly on-screen is about the launch of a NASA space mission. “Dawn” takes place 10 years after the Simian Flu ravages human civilization in “Rise”. “War” takes place 15 years after “Rise”.

Will we have astronauts returning to Earth in the next movie? How far after “War” will it be set? What will the Apes’ relationship to technology be, let alone whatever is left of Humanity? We already have Cornelius and Nova…

{Sidebar: “War”: where was the border depot? Oregon border? Or Nevada border? I mean, the Apes were originally settled somewhere in what was the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, correct?}


Ret-Con: Gorilla Grodd (HT) (v1.1)

DC HT Gorilla GroddHomemade Ret-Con Trait: “Telekinetic Bolts and Mental Illusions” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, it may use Energy Shield/Deflection, Sidestep, and Force Blast.

Once again I must say: I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC Comics guy. But, I like seeing heroes square off against “good” (conceptually) supervillains than against other superheroes. And DC hero The Flash has one of the best “Rogues Galleries” out there. I’ve only caught 5 episodes of the CW TV series “The Flash”, but 2 have provided glimpses of one of my favorite villains, Gorilla Grodd.

Many versions of this character in the game of HeroClix now, with the most recent interpretation hitting the map in 2014’s THE FLASH set.

The RCT above is meant to help out the aging HYPERTIME piece in defense and mobility.

SIDENOTE: Once again (this coming after a post about how I’m diving into ” monthly ‘sustainable’ charitable donations” again), I think WizKids is missing the opportunity for a modestly-priced ($2-$4/mo.) subscription service for “eTools” for HeroClix. It’s become very difficult to keeep up with both changes in the game and with figures/character released for the game. I’m still of a mind that such a service can help on both fronts.

Have also suggested that such a service could allow WizKids Game Design to release “eCharacter Cards” for figures already in the game, whether it’s for older, “pre-character card era” pieces like the rendition of Gorilla Grodd above, or for tweaking or errating cards for characters in the current era. Specifically, have mentioned the opportunity of adding free “Ret-Con Traits” to older characters, to help them retain “play value”. I believe I also suggested “Character Feats”, a spin on the old Feat card concept; a Feat effect that costs points like a Feat card, but can only be used by the character whose card it’s printed on, completely optional, and appropriate to the character.



“Apes… Together… STRONG.”

Finally. Finally had time and opportunity to take in a matinée of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

Bottom line: Loved it.

As pleased with DPA as I was earlier in the year with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. It gets the big stuff b right, the little stuff, and the nuances that tie it together. Focused. Tight. Best of sci-fi reflects us throughout, where we choose to go from there is left to the imagination.

Fun stuff.
“I thought we had a chance.”

“So did I.”

Can’t hardly wait for the next chapter.

EDIT: FYI, I like the bit at the very end of the credits, talking about the jobs made possible by this movie.