World Championships Update! [With Previews!]| HeroClix

World Championships Update! | HeroClix

A new STARRO! And more “Starrophyte Minions”! Never thought I’d see WizKids produce another, very cool.

Love that “Bat-Bot” as well, not familiar with the storyline, very cool.

*sigh* more to “chase” after….


DC Comics HeroClix: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls Previews! | HeroClix

DC Comics: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls | HeroClix:



[HC&GG] Due out around 2017-11-15, just in time for the Holiday Buying Season (Yay, Christmas-Capitalism)!

FIRST LOOK: WizKids DC HeroClix Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls – Poison Ivy, Supergirl, & Wonder Woman |


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The Drummer:

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Diana Prince:

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“Archiving!”: DC Comics HeroClix JOKER’S WILD previews (various).

Clix It Up – The Joker – HeroClix by Wizkids Games:

(“Clix It Up” examine versions of a character from set releases past and pending.)

DC HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild! – Suicide Squad Team Building – HeroClix by Wizkids Games:

(Another article that contains both JOKER’S WILD previews and clix from past releases.)

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HeroClix Previews of the Week of 2016-11-04

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DC HEROCLIX PREVIEWS for the Week of 2016-10-21

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DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: The Cavalier (v1.1)

Upfront: I’m actually more of a “Marvel Zombie” (fan of Marvel Comics’ characters, like Captain America, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, etc.) than I am a “DC Drone” (fan of DC Comics’ characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, etc.).

That said, I like both superhero genre narrative universes, and have deep affection for Batman and his “Rogues Gallery” of adversaries. (And The Flashes “Rogues Gallery” as well. Flash, Batman, and Spider-Man probably have the most diverse and ‘iconic’ selections, for individual heroes. After that, the villains that are left get ‘associated differently’; Captain America has come to ‘share’ a lot of his adversaries with Iron Man, SHIELD, and the Avengers in general.)

Anyway:The Cavalier! Apparently been a “Bat-villain since the 1940’s era. I’d never heard of him before encountering him in an anniversary is due of “Detective Comics” my cousin had, back in the mid-1980’s.

Cavalier was/is a simpler, mildly gimmicky villain. Main appeal is his swashbuckling air, and his personal code.

HeroClix: In this new Era of simpler dial design relying on standard power with *maybe* some “inflections of individual character” via Traits ability or Special Power, he could be fun. Not a meta-game changing power piece. Just simple to play and fun. A Traits ability, maybe, that grants the player victory points if he “role-plays” this wannabe in an “Error Flynn” fashion? Dunno.

HeroClix Ret-Con: Kobra & his fanatics. (v2.1)

UPDATE (2016-04-24): Kept meaning to do homemade HeroClix “Ret-Con Traits” for old DC Comics HeroClix UNLEASHED set Kobra and Kobra Fanatic clix. Kobra is both an individual (in the ‘dark savior’ mold) and international underworld religious cult, a creation for DC Comics during the 1970’s by Jack “King” Kirby. So, here we go —

DC HC UN Kobra stat tower

UN Kobra Fanatic Tower

Homemade Ret-Con “Tweak”: addition of the keyword “Kobra” for UNLEASHED’s all levels of Kobra, the Jason Burr “Limited Edition”, and all levels of Kobra Fanatic, since “Kobra” is also the name of the organization; “Strike Force Kobra” is supposed to be an élite unit within the organization. (Hopefully, they get clixed as well at some point.)

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (Kobra Fanatic R/E/V and “Jason Burr” LE): “Usher in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Chaos!” Whenever this character makes a close attack, modify its attack value by +1 for each other character with the Kobra keyword adjacent to both this character and the target. (Aside: Yep, totally co-opted the Marvel HeroClix “Morlocks” ATA.)

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (“Jason Burr” LE only): “Re-animated via Kobra’s Lazarus Pits” This character possesses Willpower and Battle Fury.

Homemade Ret-Con Trait (Kobra R/E/V): “Lord Naga” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, choose two of the following standard powers, and it possesses them until the end of the game: Plasticity, Sidestep, Flurry, Poison, Incapacitate, Combat Reflexes, Willpower, Close Combat Expert, Empower.

I hope DC Comics and WizKids can bring in more Kobra to HeroClix at some point.

Archiving pictures scooped up elsewhere on the net concerning DC Comics’ Kobra. 















DC HeroClix Wish-List: Sonar! (v1.1)

Once again, would like to state that I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”. I remember reading one comic in my youth with this DC Comics villain — Sonar — in it. He was fighting the JL. Don’t remember what the story was about. Remember his “Napoleon” look and the “tuning fork gun”. I went looking for info on him recently. What a mess. Apparently, the name has been used by a couple different DC Comics characters. The “original” is the one I believe I read, but his origin as a Green Lantern foe seems muddled.

Conceptually, he also seems like a bit of a DC Comics’ “rip” or “riff” on two Marvel Comics villains: Doctor Doom and The Wizard (both ‘traditionally’ Fantastic Four ‘rogues gallery’ members).

Basically, Bito Wladon was a member of the royal family of a tiny Balkan nation, had a passion for science and engineering in the field of sonics/acoustics. Typical for the ‘pseudo-science” of superhero comics’ narrative universes, his chief breakthrough was a specific piece of “unobtainium” tech dubbed a “nucleo-sonic motor”. He’s incorporated it into a sceptre-like weapon, various ‘wearable’ devices, and the ‘iconic’ “tuning-fork pistol”. (Puts him in the ‘gunslinger’ subcategory of supervillains.)

He’s used the wave-producing gadgets to ‘fly’, produce seismic effects, and screw up opponents’ brain chemistry enough so they hallucinate.

Most-obvious HeroClix applications are simple: Quake, Force Blast, Incapacitate, maybe even Mind Control or Penetrating/Psychic Blast at a stretch.

Given WizKids’ reveal of “visible dials” on character cards in the future, and a seeming desire for ‘simplicity’ or ‘elegance’, I think Sonar could be an effective sub-100 point clix, maybe with Traited Force Blast, then a rather colorful dial of the other effects, primarily Quake and Incapacitate. There are also a few characters that have Quake-based Special Powers that allow a use of Quake to affect terrain, I believe. (I belive a version of Red Hulk has such, and of course the Marvel character named “Quake” has some cool variations.)

DC HeroClix Wish Sonar


DC Comics HeroClix ‘ReClix’ Wish-List: Mr. Terrific! (v1.1)

Disclaimer 1: I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”, but I love both superhero genre “narrative universes”. Disclaimer 2: I haven’t bought even a trade paperback collection of an title for either ‘universe’ for over a year. I’m way behind. That said, I’m in no way opposed to “new” characters showing up in HeroClix before “old” characters. “New, old, marquee, obscure, supporting”…wanna clix ’em all.

MR. TERRIFIC! Wikipedia: Specifically, the second person to carry the mantle, Michael Holt. He needs “ReClixed” badly. So, “Dear WizKids,…” PLEASE REMAKE THE MICHAEL HOLT “MR. TERRIFIC”!! [IF you haven’t already. I’m not finding one in the UNITS section, and I don’t see him mentioned yet as a rumor for the 2016 DC HeroClix JOKER’S WILD set — ]

ALSO: Want to point to this bit of “fan-design” from way, way back on another blog called “The Absorbascon”: INVENTING THE T-SPHERE (I knew I’d seen someone had to have done these. There may be more fan-versionsof these out there. I haven’t looked.)

HeroClix T-Spheres by The AbsorbasconOPINIONS: I disagree with the need for Team Abilities on these. Would prefer to see Traited Willpower. Also disagree about the zero Damage value, as these softball-sized, cybernetically-directed, semi-autonomous, sensor-packed and armored flying holographic projectors also zip around during mêlée, ramming into opponents.  I’ll be using them ‘as is’ in the “Ret-Con Trait Ability” imbedded into the ‘collage’ for the LEGACY version below.

Michael “Mr. Terrific” Holt is a former Olympian and a genius technologist. And I agree with other fan sentiment that those T-Spheres need to be “attachable” objects or bystanders, à la the Superior Spider-Man ‘Spider-Bots’ from the Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL set.




For reference: Terry “Mr. Terrific” Sloane (First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1, 1942) —


DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: Deathbolt & Cyclotron! (v1.1)

Excellent “UnClixed” article over on today focusing on an “obscure” 1980’s-era supervillain named “Bolt”.

Got me reminiscing. I only have a few issues of the 80’s Blue Devil comics (if they’re still with my collection in my storage locker, and I didn’t give them away or sell or destroy them already). Bolt was in two of them. The 80’s and early 90’s was when I was heavy into comics, grade school through college and into my first 4 years in the army. Although always more into Marvel Comics than DC Comics, I loved both “multiverses”. And during the 1980’s there was a very fun DC title set during World War II that seems very “Marvel-like” to me and held my interest for a very long time: All*Star Squadron [which I will refer to as “ASQ” from here on out].

Bolt’s write-up today made me think of all the WWII era characters and WWII era “inspired” characters that WizKids could fill a JSA [Justice Society of America]/ASQ set out with. Two villains immediately popped into my head: Deathbolt and Cyclotron.

Comments within the “collage”.

DC HC Wish-List Death Bolt Cyclotron

JSA AllStarSquadron_Roll-Call

That ougtta get the brain-juices flowing….

DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: Amazing-Man!

Hoping to get out to see the movie “RACE” next weekend.


Jesse Owens’ story also inspired DC Comics to create a superher back in the 1980’s for thier “All-Star Squadron” comic, set during WWII: Amazing-Man! Would like to see him clixed, both with his original “Absorbing Man”-like powers and his later telekinesis powers.




Favorite Discontinued Elements? – HeroClix Realms:

Fun thread.
I don’t mis Feat cards. I do wish they had optional “Feat” effects available on character cards (said that here before).
Battlefield Condition cards: I miss the effects, not the way you had to use them. Love what WF9 and Avengersman89 came up with, a new “sequence”. (Have said before on this blog, though, about printing a selection of optional BFC effects on maps, appropriate to the maps, numbered for a random die roll. Would prefer that.)
Definitely agree about standardized language for Alter Ego and Morph and Weapon Swap effects.  And Web mechanics. And Grenade mechanics.
Ah, Event Dials.
Good discussion.

DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: Blackbriar Thorn (v1.1)

EDIT (2016-02-09): Okay, so back when I did this “Wish-List” post, I had no clue Blackbriar Thron was already on his way into the game with February’s Dc HeroClix WORLD’S FINEST set. Keep that in mind.

Blackbriar Thorn! DC Comics character. “Druid priest” (as far as comics go, basically another “wizard”) from the era of Ancient Rome.


So, depending on what writer/artist team is doing the story, Blackbriar either looks completely human or he still looks like an animated wooden statue. Regardless, when he’s “active”, his powers are at their peak when he’s in physical contact with the Earth. So, probably some Trait to provide bonuses when occupying terrain in the Outdoor portions of maps?

He’s able to become Giant or Colossal. Controls the weather in a relatively small locality, but in the extreme (meaning, creation of gentle downpours to raging thunderstorms to blinding, freezing blizzards).

But his main schtick is control of plant-life. As is typical in superhero genre comics, a lot of ensnaring tendrils of vines of varying thickness. With a speed, power, and ease that makes Marvel Comics’ sci-fi-based supervillains The Plantman and The Green Skull feel completely inadequate.

Too bad WizKids Game Design seems to be ratcheting back on the “Morph” mechanics; it’d be nest to have standard, Giant, and Colossal sculpts and dials for Blackbriar Thorn, with the appropriate scaling of powers to boot. C’est la vie.




DC17-Supergirl-053aYou know, I’m more of a “Marching Marvel Zombie” than a “Devout DC Drone”, but I still love DC’s stuff. Never been much of a fan of Supergirl (preferring the *other* superman-derivative character, Power Girl, who has a cooler ‘tude). Loving the sculpt and dial of this version.