How Germany Wins At Manufacturing — For Now :

Robust Apprenticeship Program Key To Germany’s Manufacturing Might : NPR:

Germany’s Export Machine Draws Both Envy And Ire :

Pieces like these are why I donate to NPR.

GOP Tax Law Sparks Confusion And Outcry In Blue States As N.Y. Threatens Lawsuit :

Conservative Red States versus Liberal Blue States, plenty of Purple States caught in the ideological cross-fire. “Economic Civil War” indeed…

Which States Rely the Most on Federal Aid? – Tax Foundation:


‘People Helped You, Whether You Knew It Or Not’ : NPR

A reminder that we can’t erase history, that we need to learn from it. Systemic, belligerent racism almost destroyed this gentleman’s life and almost deprived the nation’s veteran community a crucial asset. He, and those who supported him, fought back, non-violently, and won the Good Fight. People like him continue to change the world for the better. 

My view: Racism is Evil and a Sin. 

“Weapons of Math Destruction”

From “The New Yorker Radio Hour”: “It’s us versus the algorithms.”:

NPR Interview with author of “Weapons of Math Destruction”:

From “On The Media”: