Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Peregrine! (v1.1)

Marvel’s Peregrine! Named after a species of Falcon, he’s the third of four Marvel character that I know of to essentially go by the name “Falcon”. This guy’s the French version, based out of Paris, France.

I’m a little fuzzy on this character’s “origin”; professionally, he’s “gifted writer”. He’s worked for Silver Sable’s mercenary organization. Has helped Black Widow covertly enter France. How in the heck does he come by his anti-grav super-suit? Smells like a French government operation to me….

Highly competent character in his chosen field, but appears to be another of Marvel’s attempts at a Batman-like character. No indication of a “tragic/traumatic origin”, though. Kind of refreshing. Being a French writer, maybe he embarked upon his career out of a deliberate philosophical choice? Could serve as a ‘reflection’ of another Marvel Batman-inspired character, the driven and unbalanced Moon Knight.

Anyhoo, hope he get his time in HeroClix sooner or later. One of many, many minor characters I’d like to see done well, even if they only get done once (if at all).



Noggin’-poppin’ two-fer today, one from, a “Clix It Up!” article — — and the ‘spoiling’ of the Marvel HeroClix CIVIL WAR comics-based ‘Storyline Organized Play’ [SLOP] event — CW SLOP Figure List!

Posting the pic of the poster here as well —

civil war wslop_800w

BattleStar! A new Patriot!, A new Falcon! A new Goliath! Jester! A new Jack O’Lantern! (‘Bout darn time…) Plenty of new-to-clix characters and some cool-lookin’ new verions of faves.

Edit (2016-05-20): Previews I’ve saved so far….






“All-New Captain America”

Just want to thank WizKids for the latest Marvel HeroClix set, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. [AVAS]

Also want to say that, although I’m really happy with the Latest version of The Falson in AVAS, I’m really, really, really looking forward to the “Sam ‘The Falcon’ Wilson as the All-New Captain America” in this summer’s next Marvel HeroClix set, NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. [NFAS]

Question: Is it too early for them to preview him?

Question, you know, WizKids never did do the Captain America Fast Forces for the 2011 set…. Just sayin’.


Ret-Con: “Ultimate” Falcon (AVENGERS set, 2007) (v10.1)

av036_falcon_ret-con_v2“Second verse, same as the first.” This “collage” with the imbedded “Ret-Con Tweak” to the existing Special Power was [I think] the 5th and final attempt to redress what I saw as a slight to the character by a quirk of the game’s mechanics. It is the second attempt at a collage for this version as well.


Going to include the “clix-character collages” for the “movie” versions in this post as well, just to give them a new home.


I’m tempted to “Ret-Con Trait” the version below from the starter — the one with the big old goose-egg for a range value — to instead be able to use a locked range value of 2 when using the Move & Attack ability granted by his Transporter symbol. It wouldn’t make that much difference; the “locking” may keep the M&A ability from halving his range (an effect via the ability’s twist on HSS), but his attack value still suffers from the -2 during the action. IMHO.

CAWS Falcons

“Red, White, & Blue Falcon” (v1.3)

Half-missed the hubbub over the “Marvel Comics makes [comic book] Thor into a Woman.” *shrug* I think it’s cool. If you’re actually a fan/follower of comics, it’s not like it’s some sort of truly “Marvel Universe redefining moment”. Usual experimentation, before the inevitable “status quo reset” button is pressed. Change in these comic book narrative universes, permanent change, happens in increments. They do these wild experiments, clean up afterward, then fandom and editorial discuss various elements, then certain things get expanded or tweaked or used in a video game or cartoon movie, and then might sneak back in via some sort of “retroactive continuity” tweak.

The one I just found out today — Sam “The Falcon” Wilson taking up the mantle of Captain America — is what excites me. He’s put the uniform on before. Captain America #126 (Vol. I). Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9.

Looks like the new duds are “movie adaptation-ready”. 🙂


Hope Marvel does take the Robert Morales’ “TRUTH: Red, White, & Black” story and incorporate it into the MCU (“Marvel Cinematic Universe”).