WizKids HeroClix:|Undead|

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Dr. Jekyll | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/24/wizkids-heroclix-undead-dr-jekyll/

“Wild Dial”!

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Death: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/22/wizkids-heroclix-undead-death/

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Zombie Horde Themed Team | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/18/wizkids-heroclix-undead-zombie-horde-themed-team/

“ZOMBIE ABRAHAM LINCOLN” = awesome sauce. Very, weirdly cool.

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Skeletons | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/17/wizkids-heroclix-undead-skeletons/

2017-08-15: WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/14/wizkids-heroclix-undead-dr-frankenstein-and-frankensteins-monster/

1) LOVE these!

2) As a fan of the original novel, which i read for the first of 5 times way back in college, circa 1990, these versions are stylized versions of the Universal movies of the 1930’s. NOT really reflective of the novel of the early 1800’s.

(SIDEBAR: Given the advances of motion capture and digital animation — from Ang Lee’s “HULK” to Cameron’s “Avatar” to the LotR and new Planet of the Apea movies — would love to see a movie or TV mini-series play it straight, give us a great version of the original novel.)


2017-08-08: WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Jacob Marley | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/08/wizkids-heroclix-undead-jacob-marley/


WizKids HeroClix:|Undead|: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/wizkids-heroclix-undead/